Tuesday, October 25, 2016

10,000 steps

I've had my fitbit for a year (or longer) and sometimes I'm a bit zealous in attempting to attain the 10,000 step mark .. it only seems to happen on weekends when I'm running around like a chicken ..
Yesterdays 10,000 steps included a trip to the post office to mail back some Lands' End returns -- corduroy pants that were too large on my ass (sorry couldn't resist), 2 1/2 hours of duty at the food shelf -- 11 families came thru, it was busy ... and then I mowed the freeking lawn for the last time this year -- I HATE mowing the lawn (at least here at the office).  
While mowing -- the wail of the ambulance occurred -- it went to Ruthie's ... so I wandered over there ... it's hell to age and age with no one.
see that quilt in the lower left with the daisies -- I made that -- I know my fabric!  I stole borrowed saved this picture from Wastebook -- one of the garage sale sites -- someone was selling these baby blankets for $5 -- including mine.  Hmmmm.... hope it was well loved.

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