Saturday, October 8, 2016

and Saturday's List ...

another of my endless lists ..

---  up and dressed
---  washing machine running
---  coffee ready to go

---  market truck loaded
---  dad up and drugged ..

and the rest of the day

---  market
---  finish the last of the campaign flyers
---  dash out to Norseland and look at a drainage ditch
---  more laundry
---  scope out the patch (what did freeze?)
---  sort squash
---  office office office
      ---- mow lawn
      ---- trash
      ---- payroll tax returns
      ---- tax returns (the last ones)
      ---- campaign post card labels
      ---- payroll taxes

    and this happened during supper last night ... mama thought she needed to eat the maple tree.... really mama?????

    they then moved onto daylilies

    Thursday night the big buck jumped the garden fence and had cucumber ... what the hell.


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