Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Okey dokey

Posting on my phone/well started on the phone and finished at my desk.   It was a memorable weekend on Daisy Lane ...

You all need to remember I write/blog/jot mainly for myself ... I used to be a really good daily journal jotter ... and that went to hell in college -- 35 years ago ... this modern version is much much more fun. 

so here's how life rolls at Daisy Lane


Elder #1 was admitted to the Hospital with cellulitis in his right leg -- infection of / from an ulcer on his ankle .... first it was a call to the family doctor, a stop in Urgent Care (it was closed) -- and ended up at the Emergency Room and he was admitted.  Heavy doses of IV antibiotics ... and the normal drama with unfamiliar doctors and spaces ...

Late afternoon I re-arranged the market truck and picked watermelons for Saturday morning market ...


Got to Market -- set up/unpacked truck -- had arranged with my market neighbors to cover my booth and I dashed up to hospital -- it was a long night for the patient -- doctor was more concerned with his heart than his cellulitis and of course patient was not happy with the hourly interruptions ... especially the chest x-ray and ekg at 3:00am. 

Back to Market --- finished up and back to hospital to check in .... back to farm to clean out truck -- the cab and the produce -- finished pulling row markers etc in the patch -- and had an atv ride -- cleaned up and had a nap (don't tell the patient)  ...

Back to hospital for a brief check in

Off to the scrap shack to stuff campaign flyers in envelopes.  the scrapping divas assisted did the job -- with a little pizza on the side!


Hospital 7:30 am -- hoping to be there when the doctor made rounds ... she showed up at 11:00 .. wtf.  again another ekg at 1:00am this time.  patient really not happy .. and ekgs were both normal ... so ....

Home:  dashed to gas station to fill gas cans for lawn mower and patients truck was on empty.   mowed freeking lawn for 4 hours with the piece of shit lawn mower.  yes, 4 hours .. dashed back to hospital to see where he had stashed the bug spray -- the Asian beetles and box elders had taken over ... found the stash and sprayed the house and shed ... finished mowing more freeking grass.

Cleaned up and ate

Back to hospital -- missed the doctor (again) ... that woman has no set schedule for rounds.


Loaded trash and a bushel of squash in Ruby -- yep, Ruby hauls trash and squash ... back to gas station because Ruby needs gas and I needed breakfast ...

Did a brief check in at the hospital - no Doctor yet -- but the patient says he will be coming home today ... most likely he will be back and forth 2, maybe 3 times a day for IV antibiotics for a week, then if things are progressing -- oral antibiotics.  If we and the Doctor were better coordinated we'd have better answers.

Phone call from Jean -- now a CT scan is scheduled for 2:00 .. really unhappy patient -- thought he was going home. 

Back to hospital over lunch -- he's dressed, packed, eating and awaiting the ct scan. 

And the patient walked out of the hospital at 4:00 and went home -- the CT scanner woman was still in Shakopee.  he left.  oral antibiotics and follow up appointments with his gp.

I kept on working.


Sitting at RECH. Waiting for the doctor and morning rounds. This is a hurry up and wait kind of place .

According to the patient -- the night shift does everything, not sure it was necessary to have X-rays and ekg at 3:00am. When it's an infection issue.

Waiting for an eta on an estimated release -- probably tomorrow.  yep, tomorrow, patient seems to be okay with it.  IV antibiotics 4 times a day ....

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