Saturday, October 1, 2016

the end is near ...

the squash are picked -- except the crumbs
the pumpkins are picked -- except some green ones -- hoping the critters leave them alone

and the watermelons -- well ...

this one was pretty darn tasty ..
I've been slicing and dicing
some are perfect, some are green and some are overripe
the only way to tell is to chop ...

looking south towards town ... sad sad patch
and the flip side -- north ...
'twas a beautiful day on the prairie

and these damn black diamond watermelons -- I think they crossed with the crimson sweets and it made for some interesting crap -- they don't seem to be ripening and they should be overripe by now.
my Thursday night commute to New Ulm ... a freeking traffic jam in Klossner -- dang road construction season needs to end soon ---- 6 cars at the stop sign and none of them were "farm" vehicles ... the suv coming towards me was the Nicollet County K9 unit -- probably shouldn't be snapping pictures of law enforcement while driving .
two nights of supper
enough said.

1 comment:

gz said...

If the cross means a longer period with fresh watermelons,not a bad thing for the customer..but a pain for you when the harvesting drags on!!
The work may have to be done,but feed and look after yourself can't pour from an empty cup!! xx