Tuesday, October 11, 2016

the end

killer, he thinks he's tough.
he's not.

the sad, sad looking patch ... I can't begin to count the number of hours I spent out here this year -- I was pretty darn diligent with the early hoeing -- very little weed spraying ... when the rains didn't stop the grass took over ... but I picked and I sold (and am still selling) ... it was a good year
it is good for me .... but

I think (in my heart, know) this is the last load of melons -- and probably the last load of melons for me -- I think it might be time to retire -- I'm waffling more than ever.
Since we started closing up the cabin on Sunday -- I've regretted not having more time at the lake.  I really like my lake time.  A good day at the lake can solve all the problems of the world ... truly ...
Will need to make decisions ... sometime soon. 
because this is --- really, really nice ... (even flooded) ...
and Kevin checking out the "fullness" of the grain bin -- he was unloading soybeans at the time ...

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