Wednesday, October 26, 2016

yes, I can cook ...

So Saturday -- I did a spot of cooking -- Funeral HotDish from the Vatican (aka St. Peter's Catholic Church's Funeral Committee) -- we Lutherans refer to it as the Vatican -- it cost almost as much as the original Vatican.  Anyhow -- the funeral committee guards the recipe .. and I mean armed guards.
and here it is -- ready for the oven ...
and this is the large turkey roaster ... yep lots of it.
and here is the recipe -- although there is a couple of misprints -- it's 2 bunches of celery -- yes, 2 bunches ... and it is Marian Boys.  I made a 1/2 batch -- swapped out the "golden mushroom" with cream of celery soup ... I didn't get a pix of the finished product but it was darn tasty ... lots of leftovers froze for future dinners! 

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