Friday, November 4, 2016

ahh 65'

   So, it was 65', sunny and very little breeze yesterday ... I thought knew I needed fresh air and some attitude adjustment.  I got it .....

yes, this is less than 10 blocks from the house .... the famous "crossing" at Traverse des Sioux ... 10 blocks and I rarely get down there ... the high river makes it pretty spectacular this time of year
I should have went last weekend while we still had leaves.

I had a 4:00 gig at the History Center (a 3 hour indoor gig) so I left the office early, grabbed a McD's iced coffee and hit the walking trail --- I gave myself 45 minutes to enjoy it and damn it was well worth it ... I was the only one on the trail .... well, me and a coyote, a couple of squirrels and a raccoon -- I deviated off the main trail and took the fork off to the crossing -- once you arrive at the river it is pretty fantastic ... the cottonwood trees are huge ----