Wednesday, November 2, 2016

and then she forgot

  or lost or misplaced her keys -- which I eventually found ... in my tote bag.  

  managed to drive home without the iPad and I cannot survive without my iPad ...

  had McD's breakfast for supper ... the only way to go ....

  took a cool pix in the McD's parking lot ..... and left the phone cords at the office
      it is on Instagram and Wastebook.

  went to a Transit Meeting in Mankato -- kind of got lost
      googling it up while sitting in a parking lot and realized I was in the right parking lot ...
      wth ....

  remember to bring home the goodies and lamp for Saturday's Arlington Adventure
      4 crazy scrapbooking, cardmaking, crocheting, crafty women leaving town.

  she needs to go to bed --- with a real book tonight.

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