Sunday, November 13, 2016


I stole borrowed this shot from the Herald's website -- I'm guessing it's a cell shot from some one else.  At any rate -- it's their shot and I'll give 'em credit for it.
Early Friday morning -- a 12 year old girl was reported missing -- Mya.  36 + hours later she was found by deer hunters ALIVE in the river somewhere below our house.  Which by road is just under 2 miles from her last reported sighting -- maybe 2 1/2 miles by river -- various media outlets are reporting details and they are differing.  It does not matter, she is ALIVE. 
Mya has special needs.  She is ALIVE. 
There are so many blessings in this miracle. 
The air ambulance swooped over the house (and Nick in his deer stand) ... and instantly landed -- at first we though it was an accident -- and then the social media explosion of the news. 
I'm doing poorly with the social media diet.  Very poorly (I'll be walking several miles today).  On weekends social media seems to be the only local news source we have -- and frankly who knows what is or isn't accurate...

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Teresa Saum said...

That was some kind of miracle. I still get goosebumps thinking about it. I'm on a social media diet, too. Who needs that craziness in their life, Marie?