Tuesday, November 29, 2016

doings .... celebrations ...

    The shop/store is celebrating 50 years of business this weekend.  Nick has vowed  to post pictures every night his week on their wastebook site.  These are from 1982, when operations moved from the farm down to the highway. 

    I do believe that is I leaning on the tree stump and my rear end to the camera.  Trying to swear less, not sure if it is working.  Anyhow -- the pictures are cool, I can't wait to see what else he digs up and shares. 

    1982 -- I was 22.  Oh to be 22 again.  Well, probably -- not really.  I and everyone else didn't have a clue -- young and naïve.   Worked a lot back then too -- no play was the rule.  I worked almost full time and went to school full time -- and there was farm work too.  Skills and habits that 33 34 years later I still have -- over 1/2 my life has passed since then.  egads. 

   On that note -- time for some TV time, coffee and a good book.  Last night was a rough night and today it was a difficult day to be a Commissioner.  I don't always like spending 2.4 Million of other peoples money.  And the office chaos continued.   And it was cold and rainy.  And I'm whining.  Ya, I'm an old naïve whining workaholic.  egads.  (kind of like that egads!)
    As Uncle George would say -- "see ya later alligator" ...

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