Thursday, November 10, 2016


   The social media diet begins today ... at least wastebook.  I've attempted this before and failed miserably.  This time is different.  The pre-election propaganda was bad and the post election is even worse.  Not to mention the idle incorrect mean gossip. 

   I think I understand the generations who live/die/breathe via social media and sometimes I feel old and stodgy because it feels like it consumes the world.  The art of a phone call, a handwritten note or even a personal visit has been lost. 

   So to keep myself on the wastebook diet -- there will be rewards and punishments.  Good grief, I sound like an irate parent. 

Wastebook Rules:

1.  Once a day.
2.  Weekly posting "this week on Daisy Ln"
3.  No wastebook on 3rd Street.

Wastebook rewards:
       7 days of rules = fun dinner at a new restaurant.
      14 days of rules = fabric!

Wastebook punishments:
      10 minutes of wastebook = 20 minutes of exercise.  
            I'm changing this up to 1,000 extra fit bit steps -- much easier to track
So, that is my plan.  Plotter that I've become -- this might be kind of fun.  I do have an Instagram account -- but that is more visual and in my world quilt related.

ready, set, --- go.


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