Friday, November 25, 2016

Green Friday

  the only day in 365 that retailers might make money.  truly.

  I spent most of the day at the office.  making money.  actually fixing nightmares that really don't pay well is more accurate.  a day of fixing shit.  happens. 

  I did a spot of gift card shopping via the internet - shopping in my jammies is always good.  The only way to shop.  and Kohls of course because every aging diva needs at least 2 more long sleeve white t shirts.  I've become one of those divas -- white t shirts every day.  well, I purchased striped ones too.  and shorts.  always need more shorts in Minnesota in November.  I did well --  I avoided Lands End and CJBanks even with their enticing 50% off everything -- ditto Joanne Fabrics and the Fat Quarter Shop ... zip, nada, no deals for me.

  Just feed me drugs - evidently I need more drugs.

Saturday's Project List (we'll see how this goes)

-- get the office roping/bows/fancies on the fence (it's 50' - git 'r done)
-- keep plugging at the free projects (see above)
-- laundry?
-- piece back / quilt throw
-- quilt crib quilt
-- square up quilted stuff
-- find missing thumb drive
-- trash/recycling
-- vac office basement - it's a spooky place

no turkey today ... must be the only person on the plant who didn't have leftovers -- other than turkey we are kind of light on the leftovers.  7p's ....


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