Saturday, November 5, 2016

the goodness continues

I left the office early -- again, two days in a row peeps.  Put up "the too nice to work" sign and left.  Truly, left.  I had a load of office yard trash to dump and then I went home and took an ATV ride around the farm.   Deer hunting begins tomorrow (at least slug season starts tomorrow) and then I'm grounded to the yard ... because THERE IS NO HUNTING IN THE YARD.  Argh.
leaf control -- although I'm not sure why he's vac'ing them way down here ...

those damn black diamonds ... I think they cross pollinated with the crimson sweets -- might explain why they just didn't seem to ripen normally ... notice the "hut" in the upper right corner.

I should smash this one just to check it out
the serious hunter will have at least 2 maybe three of these spread around ... this one seems to be a bit close to the yard (and next to the patch)

argh ... I hate to see the unpicked, unripe, crow pecked waste....

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