Monday, November 21, 2016

the last hurray ....

and we return to where we started
brown sand disked up

All fall I knew this would be my last season -- truly, I was tired, cranky and well freeking busy -- I never seemed to catch up.  Evidently, working at the office, the commissioner gig, picking, packing, selling the goods, running for office, having a sick parent, trying to get to the lake -- didn't leave for a lot of spare time.  When we were cleaning up and closing up the cabin I really regretted not having more late summer and fall time daydreaming on the deck -- so I knew this was going to be the end. 
The final hurray - it's a weird feeling --
October was still crazy and finally in November I kind of fell caught up .. so much so that I felt the need to re-arrange furniture (wth)  --  my endless list is down to a half page. 
I washed Ruby and she went into storage today -- she still needs an oil change and to be detailed -- but she is easily accessible -- the forecast for the week is wet and white.  Ruby doesn't do snow.  Ever.  Never.  The ATV is also in semi-storage -- if Turkey Day is decent, I'll take a ride or two. 

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gz said...

grandma always said "if you can't move,move the furniture"....she was still moving furniture at 96......