Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tracks in the sand...

So I took these shots last Sunday when I wandered out to the patch -- raccoon tracks in the mud that dried, got wet again and then dried again.  My best guess, I'm probably way off track ...
Kinda cool.

At odds and out of sorts again today.  Focus was tough -- I did manage to fill the curbie with crap out of the office basement -- new renter coming late next week and he wants to hook up washer and dryer and well -- the basement needs lots of work.  heaps of work. 
I quilted a fairly large throw tonight, Mom's Christmas present -- used some cheap on sale batting from Joanne's ... have 4 more yards of the crap.  The HQ16 did not like it at all.  Next up is another big throw -- the "finish up the UFO" pile is dwindling.  At this rate I'll be binding all weekend long -- 4 on the table now -- 3 more to quilt and that will be 7 finishes in 10 days.  The anticipation of something new is building.  I think it is going to be something traditional, like log cabins in not so traditional fabrics ... time will tell.

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