Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesdays in Commissioner-dom

8:05 - Department Head Evaluation
9:00 - Ditch Hearing
10:00 - Board Workshop
1:00 - R9 Revolving Loan Committee - Mankato
4:30 - Collaborative Meeting
6:00 - Sioux Trails Board Meeting - New Ulm

I can't complain -- but when I finally get home tonight -- bed will feel okay.

Missed lunch -- had cookies at R9 gig.


and I rolled into the home garage at 8:59pm.  Stopped at the freezer for a cupcake on the way thru the porch.  I earned that treat today.  My lovely firm sleep number bed awaits me.  Now hopefully, the cupcake will not exacerbate the nighttime acid reflux and the coyotes will be silent.


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