Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year

lots of reflection today --
I've been the working Diva today -- got up at 5:30 and started laundry -- loaded the long arm with a quilt -- did a spot of tidying in my sewing space ... (finished two crib quilts during last night's laundry binge) .. then I went to the office --- 'tis W2 and 1099 Season!
And garbage season -- who knew one small office could generate so much trash!  I had a large pile of cardboard in the truck -- finally got it to the recycling container -- then I managed to fill one of the office recycling containers, the shredding container (and another box) and two bags of real trash.  wth. 
I'm home with work -- and the long arm awaits me and I bet (with $$$) there is more laundry down there ... trying to keep ahead of it this winter....

Friday, December 30, 2016


It's been a tough week on 3rd Street -- meetings, meetings, year end, year end prepping (or attempting to prep) ... and the death of clients, friends and facebook family members ...

Life has a way of changing perspective -- just flipping a switch ...

I was at a retirement gig yesterday -- it was a switch flipper moment.

Live well. 
It is all that matters.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

so ..

the craziness continues
just when I think I've got it figured out .... in comes another


on the flip side -- most traces of Christmas have been removed from the office -- my truck is full of flattened cardboard for recycling.  I made it a retirement gig at the PUC -- retiring director, my third retirement in a week -- have to admit the gypfoods cake is pretty darn tasty.

I think all of our payrolls are done.  will be interesting to see how high the $$$'s come out to be.

rambling, rambling, rambling
babbling, babbling, babbling

better than

whining, whining, whining


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

less cynical

  Hopefully I am less cynical today. 

  Although ranting can be healthy.  Sometimes.  Not sure about yesterday's rant.


  The great paper shuffle for 2017 has begun on 3rd street.  Individual client packets went out yesterday -- expensive project.  When the post office has to "order in" the stamps.  good grief.  And the product, the stuffing, the handling -- argh -- it's a lot of whoopty woo.

  Project of the day yesterday -- order tires for my truck.  Monday or Tuesday of next week -- traction will be better.  Not as expensive as I thought. 

  Project of the day today -- not sure yet.



Tuesday, December 27, 2016


  another celebrity died.

  I refuse to fall into that death trap.

  Notice that all of us hard working peeps seem to live a long life.  Must be the work eh?  or the lack of time to eat, drink, smoke, inhale and be merry ... let alone travel the world and have peeps jumping when we snap our fingers. 

  Granted that last statement doesn't apply to all -- but really ... really .....

  I'm sticking to the hard work theory -- just a bit less of it.

rant over -- back to being Tuesday!


okay I was so busy ranting over celebrity death .... and poof -- just found out a client died yesterday .... life is short peeps ... life is short ...


Monday, December 26, 2016

Marcy and I or Me and Marcy

I made it over the hill this morning -- in one piece ... I truly thought it would be a skating rink and was pleasantly surprised ... going back up won't be difficult .. a lot of tree branches are down.  Between the driving rain (yes, driving rain) and the wind ... then ice when it froze ....
So I was doing my morning reading ... and ran across this on the Herald's website ... it's retiring week at the Government Center -- I presented the plaque to Marcy in Environmental Health -- 31 years ...
I don't remember the joke but it must have been good ...

This was pre-haircut -- the haircut wizard waved his magic wand and the shaggy / out of control curly look is gone ... ... now if he good do the same for the double chin ....


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Merry

ah ... Christmas --

Sometimes we are all so busy running around getting ready for the Holiday, celebrating the Holiday and resting up from the chaos of the Holiday we forget the reason for the Holiday ...

All part of our excessive society --

It was a very calm day on Daisy Lane --

I overslept -- egads 7:30 -- probably should not have started watch the John Wayne movie "The Cowboys" at 10:00pm ... seemed like the thing to do at the time  --  and it is an old favorite ...

The presents got unwrapped and the mess tossed out -- I wrapped. 

Lunch/Dinner/Noon eats happened and dishes got washed and put away after a bit of rest the tasty apple pecan pie was devoured ... and Auntie Joanne was delivered back to her apartment building.

Leftovers appeared for the evening meal (including the pie) ... I'm not a pie fan but it must have been tasty -- the rest of the group ate it ...

Laundry got done -- a spot of sewing got done ...

The weather is weird -- rain, lots of rain -- which means ice, lots of ice by morning.  WTH.

So for the last 6 days of 2016 I have a couple of projects ...

1.  get the stuff buttoned up at the office.
2.  get the new years resolutions documented.
3.  get tires on the truck
4.  get a plan of attack down for Jan, Feb, Mar & April

so --

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve

   so I have some nice bird and deer pictures but blogger is blocking their upload.  technology - can't live with it or without it.

   I can however live without dirty dishes.  Lots of dishwashing lately, but I digress ... on the topic of the night.

'twas the night before Christmas and nary a creature was stirring ...

except Marie -- doing dishes, laundry and attempting to sew...

ho ho ho.

and now the upload seems to be working ...

ho ho ho ....



Friday, December 23, 2016

pooped Diva

  I'm a pooped Diva.

  Just plain tired and wore out.

  Slogging thru ear infection #2 -- leftover drugs are working, ditto the advil for the pain.

  Finally got to KK for a haircut -- not more shaggy edges and out of control curls -- dashed over there this morning -- in the rain/sleet/snow.  Me, who hates winter driving, drove 25 miles for a haircut ....

  Made it to the pool last night.  It was cold in the water.  Wasn't in the mood -- followed sister Jean to the corner and then went home -- washed the suit, washed the chlorine off the body -- and went to bed ... slept like a rock .... all night ...... finally ...

  Still tired.  

  Need to take a night to re-charge the batteries ... tonight -- wrapping, tree needs decorations, clean up the sewing room and read my book ...


Thursday, December 22, 2016

(( sigh ))

So, I didn't take this and not sure where it came from -- but it is calming. (It might be one of Teresa or Regis -- whomever -- it's an early riser).   Today I need calming.  I need a lot of things in life -- today calming is high on the priority list.

Meg came to work 12 hours post-flu -- I sent her home.  Sharing flu is not high on the priority list. 
The ear infection is back on the left side.  Oh joy.  Leftover drugs are working. 

Moving software from one computer to another didn't go as expected.  It could have been worse.  I have no freeking clue what I was doing.

Tasty cake at a retirement gig ... I didn't make Marcy cry ... always a good thing  --

Haircut tomorrow ... the shaggy look will be gone.

Time for the pool -- I think.



Wednesday, December 21, 2016

and the rest of the story ...

For the last 16 years, client Marian kept telling me about this oil painting she had hanging in her living room ... it is MY OLD HOUSE.  I missed/forgot/wasn't paying attention to the reason ... but I think the artist was a friend of hers and always shared her artwork with others ... as to why Marian wanted/received this one ... not sure.

Marian move from her townhouse to an assisted living a year ago ... and this month transitioned to a nursing home -- her daughter in law, Bridget, asked me if I wanted it -- none of the family wanted it or had a close connection to it ...

She brought it yesterday and I'm simply speechless -- it is so awesomely cool!  It now hangs above the mantle -- so, freeking cool.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Future project

So, I saw this beauty on a magazine cover at the grocery store.  So I bought the magazine and I've been drooling over this one for 3 days.  This morning I went fabric shopping.  Shot cottons -- not in my cheap budget -- ordered something similar on craftsy.  on sale.  I think I'm going to hand applique it -- it will take decades, seriously, decades.

below is the "craftsy" fabrics I found ....

Remember I dream of projects and they lie unfinished for decades
such as the flea market fancy below
I actually have the blocks done...
hmmm  maybe a Christmas Eve sewing party eh!


Sunday, December 18, 2016

-30, yes minus 30

breaking dawn ... the darkness continues
it is endless
and once it became light enough
this was the ugly sight of the morning
yes, your eyes are not deceiving you   30 freeking degrees below zero

it even looked cold

all of the creatures fueled up to stay warm
There is hope on Daisy Lane
The Christmas Tree has been erected in the living room.
I might even head downstairs to do a spot of wrapping.
go figure -- wrapping before the big day.

Saturday, December 17, 2016


as in what to do first, second, third or ever

I left the office shortly before 1:00 -- stopped for milk on the homebound commute -- it was 0' and falling.  Me, my truck, the milk, a bag of fruit and a tote bag of work. 

So far I've ate a pear, had a nap and read a book.
The work is in a pile on the home office floor.

Motivation is falling faster than the wind chill.

I've been sleeping better lately -- this morning was wide awake at 4 -- and there is nothing on TV -- by 6:30 the snow plow was rolling and by 7:30 I was rolling for the office.  Where I actually did work.  Didn't look at the piles -- finished the piles.


Next up -- laundry, coffee and maybe wrap some Christmas presents. hmmm that's a novel idea --


Friday, December 16, 2016


WSW -- Winter Storm Warning

Lots of snow, lots of wind and freeking cold. 
I've already started packing my homework box.
Again -- more crap in it than I can possible complete in 24 hours.

So it rolls.



Wednesday, December 14, 2016


yes, three adults burned thru a lot of data in one month.
changes ahead.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Baby, it's cold outside!

and this is what the bay window in my office looks like ...
gotta do what it takes to stay warm and toasty
it is working
so far
so I did the traditional -- start the truck
take a shower (truck running)
drive to the office - this morning
all before 6:00am
gotta get a life eh?

Sunday, December 11, 2016

and the sky dumped 10"

the late blooming coneflowers still have a spot of frozen color

I never deadhead the coneflowers ... the birds love 'em and spread 'em ....
they look like stuffed mushrooms on a stick

Saturday, December 10, 2016

thinking warm thoughts

I'm still in denial about winter -- sorry it will be a reoccurring theme for the next 2 1/2 months ....
I'm choosing to forget by looking a warm pictures....
mind games - might work
sunset on the Fort Road -- mid November -- beautiful drive to New Ulm and this happens to be a clients bin site .. (an expensive bin site)

yep, summer dreams ... lots of sun, warmth, water and light
prepping for the upcoming weather event .  over prepping, it's just a few inches but the cold that follows ....  argh .... that's what drags me down. 
the pink eye is much better -- redness is almost gone, itch is gone -- leftover drugs (always good) ... the project list is growing  -- 
1.  get a haircut
2.  quilt the last big throw with that cheep batting
3.  the two piles on my desk must go today
4.  finish typing info packets for year end (and start the copying)
5.  accumulate the Christmas presents ....
   (love online shopping -- ordered gift cards from a store 10 miles away)
6. piece Dad's Quilt (soon)
7. bind Mom's Quilt (soon)

Friday, December 9, 2016

11 days

and the light returns .. or at least more minutes of daylight. 

Sun, we need sun ... I think it is suppose to arrive today -- as is the snow, and more white shit. 
Snow on the weekend isn't so bad --- and it will be light and fluffy with the cold -- watch it blow. And next week, the brutal cold arrives ....


November is dark and blustery
December it snows
January is brutal cold
February is white
March it melts

this year:
November was gorgeous ...
December became November

Hoping for a haircut tomorrow -- that won't happen now -- busy with clients in the am and I'm not driving in white out conditions for a haircut. 

It (the hair) just gets longer and curlier -- it could be worse - I've been mulling over a new style ... this might be the opportunity for change.  

but first we work ....

stay warm and safe friends ...



Thursday, December 8, 2016

Artic Dust

  so on the homebound commute last night ... the radio guy referred to the flakes falling from the sky as -- artic dust ... a pretty good description -- it's cold and the flakes were few and far between -- by morning they had accumulated. 

   the cold isn't so bad -- the freeking wind however could go away -- it does feel colder when there is no snow and it's 10' with wind gusts ...

   3 - 6 forecasted for Saturday into Sunday ... oh JOY.  I'm not in the mood ... it is the endless darkness -- it is always dark.   I need to move closed to the equator where the sun hours are fairly constant ... it could be worse -- it could be Alaska or the South Pole.

artic dust -- white crap falling from the sky


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

wicked Wednesday

should be re-titled -- thank God for drugs .... I think the pink eye drops are doing their magic.  the burning itch seems to have lessened --

the last of the plastic was applied to the windows today -- bathroom is also done ... bring on the cold ... need to figure out how to keep the basement door entrance a bit less drafty ... perhaps a sheet or two of Styrofoam -- will need to chat with elder #1 on that project.

copy machine died this afternoon -- when the red "wrench" symbol appears -- we call the service dude -- and that was a process....

I was in the mood to bake -- can one bake with pink eye and not share -- ha ... more reason not to cook, wash dishes or do laundry --


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

w t f ...

pink eye --- freeking pink eye. 

at 56 ....

w t h.


even worse -- called clinic --- no doctor available for 8 freeking days.  urgent care -- 20 minutes after I hung up I was in and 45 minutes later back to office with prescription and instructions.

argh argh argh.


Monday, December 5, 2016

w t h

rise and shine at 5:20am ...
office by 5:50am
newspaper arrived at 6:15am
yawning by 10:20am

there will not be enough caffine to get me thru the day

what the hell was I thinking -- I should have stayed home and did a load of laundry or sewed a bit or both. 

new building mates (renters) moved in on Sat/Sun and spent the night last night ... pretty quiet up there --- imagine their shock when the squeaky garage door opened at 5:50am ...

I am getting a lot done.
sort of.
in between the yawns.

Survived family Christmas yesterday. 



Sunday, December 4, 2016

sewing blitz

 table runner ...
not feeling the love like others ...
quilted via the Bernina
basic leftover layer cake squares gridded up

strips .. I honestly don't remember piecing this one might be
leftovers from something else

and I know this one is leftovers
The girls and I had an impromptu craftiness binge late yesterday -- I'm not sure what they got done but I've been pretty diligent about getting the unfinished finished in my world - 5 more on the long arm to quilt -- and 3 quilts/projects in piles on my cabinet -- then most if not all of the WIP will be done and I can play with something new.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Warming Tree

While at the Government Center (fancy name for Courthouse) ... I strolled down to take a peek at the warming trees -- I added another scarf ... and took a couple pictures ...

I crochet 14 of the scarves and have a few more to go ... the quilt peeking out came from my stash of crib quilts .. need to do more of these .. I think there is a need for crib / infant quilts.
Love the teddy bear tree topper!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

more classics!

1972 -- this classic shows it all -- 1800 Oliver tractor --in the back yard? swing set (some of us were young) .. ramp for snowmobile loading -- blue Jeep plowed snow and a crap load of snowmobiles -- at that point in this endeavor -- there was no inside storage for anything -- it all happened in a double garage, the selling, the fixing, the parts ... everything.

and then came some "inside" storage -- a little bit better ....

Nick is finding all of these classics for the 50th Anniversary gig this weekend.  All I can say is "we come a long way baby!" 

Happy Thursday!