Friday, December 9, 2016

11 days

and the light returns .. or at least more minutes of daylight. 

Sun, we need sun ... I think it is suppose to arrive today -- as is the snow, and more white shit. 
Snow on the weekend isn't so bad --- and it will be light and fluffy with the cold -- watch it blow. And next week, the brutal cold arrives ....


November is dark and blustery
December it snows
January is brutal cold
February is white
March it melts

this year:
November was gorgeous ...
December became November

Hoping for a haircut tomorrow -- that won't happen now -- busy with clients in the am and I'm not driving in white out conditions for a haircut. 

It (the hair) just gets longer and curlier -- it could be worse - I've been mulling over a new style ... this might be the opportunity for change.  

but first we work ....

stay warm and safe friends ...



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