Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Merry

ah ... Christmas --

Sometimes we are all so busy running around getting ready for the Holiday, celebrating the Holiday and resting up from the chaos of the Holiday we forget the reason for the Holiday ...

All part of our excessive society --

It was a very calm day on Daisy Lane --

I overslept -- egads 7:30 -- probably should not have started watch the John Wayne movie "The Cowboys" at 10:00pm ... seemed like the thing to do at the time  --  and it is an old favorite ...

The presents got unwrapped and the mess tossed out -- I wrapped. 

Lunch/Dinner/Noon eats happened and dishes got washed and put away after a bit of rest the tasty apple pecan pie was devoured ... and Auntie Joanne was delivered back to her apartment building.

Leftovers appeared for the evening meal (including the pie) ... I'm not a pie fan but it must have been tasty -- the rest of the group ate it ...

Laundry got done -- a spot of sewing got done ...

The weather is weird -- rain, lots of rain -- which means ice, lots of ice by morning.  WTH.

So for the last 6 days of 2016 I have a couple of projects ...

1.  get the stuff buttoned up at the office.
2.  get the new years resolutions documented.
3.  get tires on the truck
4.  get a plan of attack down for Jan, Feb, Mar & April

so --

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