Friday, December 23, 2016

pooped Diva

  I'm a pooped Diva.

  Just plain tired and wore out.

  Slogging thru ear infection #2 -- leftover drugs are working, ditto the advil for the pain.

  Finally got to KK for a haircut -- not more shaggy edges and out of control curls -- dashed over there this morning -- in the rain/sleet/snow.  Me, who hates winter driving, drove 25 miles for a haircut ....

  Made it to the pool last night.  It was cold in the water.  Wasn't in the mood -- followed sister Jean to the corner and then went home -- washed the suit, washed the chlorine off the body -- and went to bed ... slept like a rock .... all night ...... finally ...

  Still tired.  

  Need to take a night to re-charge the batteries ... tonight -- wrapping, tree needs decorations, clean up the sewing room and read my book ...


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