Thursday, December 22, 2016

(( sigh ))

So, I didn't take this and not sure where it came from -- but it is calming. (It might be one of Teresa or Regis -- whomever -- it's an early riser).   Today I need calming.  I need a lot of things in life -- today calming is high on the priority list.

Meg came to work 12 hours post-flu -- I sent her home.  Sharing flu is not high on the priority list. 
The ear infection is back on the left side.  Oh joy.  Leftover drugs are working. 

Moving software from one computer to another didn't go as expected.  It could have been worse.  I have no freeking clue what I was doing.

Tasty cake at a retirement gig ... I didn't make Marcy cry ... always a good thing  --

Haircut tomorrow ... the shaggy look will be gone.

Time for the pool -- I think.



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