Monday, December 5, 2016

w t h

rise and shine at 5:20am ...
office by 5:50am
newspaper arrived at 6:15am
yawning by 10:20am

there will not be enough caffine to get me thru the day

what the hell was I thinking -- I should have stayed home and did a load of laundry or sewed a bit or both. 

new building mates (renters) moved in on Sat/Sun and spent the night last night ... pretty quiet up there --- imagine their shock when the squeaky garage door opened at 5:50am ...

I am getting a lot done.
sort of.
in between the yawns.

Survived family Christmas yesterday. 



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Barb H said...

Aw, thanks, Marie. I think I should post this on my bathroom mirror so I see it at the beginning and end of every day!