Saturday, December 17, 2016


as in what to do first, second, third or ever

I left the office shortly before 1:00 -- stopped for milk on the homebound commute -- it was 0' and falling.  Me, my truck, the milk, a bag of fruit and a tote bag of work. 

So far I've ate a pear, had a nap and read a book.
The work is in a pile on the home office floor.

Motivation is falling faster than the wind chill.

I've been sleeping better lately -- this morning was wide awake at 4 -- and there is nothing on TV -- by 6:30 the snow plow was rolling and by 7:30 I was rolling for the office.  Where I actually did work.  Didn't look at the piles -- finished the piles.


Next up -- laundry, coffee and maybe wrap some Christmas presents. hmmm that's a novel idea --


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