Friday, April 21, 2017

my crazy life

   I am an introvert (truly!) ... but this week

   I (we) finished up tax season
   did a ton of payroll for clients (and a few Q's)
   celebrated the parents 58th wedding anniversary
   visited an old friend in the hospital ... so glad I went and did that
   celebrated a family friends 66th birthday
   did the client thing
   had County commitments

   and so far worked every night!
   and tonight!

       on of the Scrapbooking Diva's scored TWINS tickets ...
       8th row -- lower level -- directly behind the Twins dugout
       are we lucky or what!

       the clothes and purse are packed and ready to roll!


ps.  after a County gig tomorrow I'm climbing into a cave and not talking to anyone or anything until Monday morning ... laundry, sewing, cleaning at home, mowing the lawn, lake time.....


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

another one for the books

and the numbers ..... ta da    ....
1459.50 hours thru now ..
a lot of income tax returns
(a few to many to finish next week)
Twins tickets for Friday Night!!!  thanks to Diva Jan ... she must have known we needed a fun night out of town ... those girls keep me sane.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


yep, working on easter morning ... it's been happening for decades so ... it is the way .. I didn't get here until 6:30 ... frankly it felt good.  did a bit of tidying before I left the farm.  trying to decide if I am actually coming back to work after dinner ... probably ...

did a spot of tidying here in my cave/cell/hole in the wall office.  I'm looking forward to working on something other than the daily drama of income tax returns. 

so it rolls....


Friday, April 14, 2017

so there's got to be

a song for tired crabby late to middle aged CPA's ...

    I'm here.  At work.  Tired.  Crabby. 

    Details -- the little details are slipping past me at the speed of light .. truly -- can't remember a freeking thing lately.  Maybe too many little details are spinning in my overfilled overworked brain.  Anyway ya look at it -- it's bad, really bad. 

    Taking a look at the project box and prioritizing today.  Get done, don't get done.  That's all I can do.



Monday, April 10, 2017

memories, oh the memories

I shared this picture on wastebook this morning -- me, Jean and Grandpa for "Siblings Day" .. oh the memories -- as I blogged earlier Friday would have been his 110th birthday --

I'm tired and well, weepy tonight -- sometimes I miss the simplicity of youth -- and every now and then a picture crops up and well -- just well. 

Back to the daily grind of my life.  Another set of numbers another freeking income tax return -- the late ones are setting me on edge.  It's life.  I know it, expect it and complain about it every year.


Friday, April 7, 2017

perspective (part II)

April 7, 2017  -- my grandfather's 110th birthday ... funny how dates stay with us no matter the circumstances .. he died in 1985 --

if I'm the Watermelon Diva, he would have been the King of Watermelon -- from the mid 1930's until 1981 -- he had produce, lots of produce --

perspective and reflection --
just breathe ...


Thursday, April 6, 2017


the bad days are stacking up around here -- lots of panic, lots of stupid . (us and clients), lots of chaos, lots of everything nasty ...

and then I worked on  D & D's income tax return -- retired husband and spouse -- D2 (spouse) has suffered from some type of early onset dementia, alzheimers, whatever -- since age 57 has been a resident of a memory care facility -- going on 6 years .....

I and the rest of us -- need to count our blessings - I am thankful and grateful for all of the blessings bestowed to me. 


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

wicked wednesday

ah my office is starting to feel like a prison cell, a cage a room with no view.  13 days?  and a lot more work to finish up.
one step, one return, one day, one night and one week ........ baby steps, just take baby steps'

Sunday, April 2, 2017

oh no ...

so the local paper does an annual (semi annual) feature of portraits(?) of various community members and Nancy interviewed me back in April ... st peter herald feature  I really (a) don't like talking about myself and (b) don't like having my picture taken ...

it was (is) fun and well ... so it goes..


Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hello April

ah, April, chirping birds, warmer weather

another freeking cold/sinus/dripping nose event.  back on the drugs -- advil, caffeine and Sudafed -- argh. 

registered for the Maker Fair this morning -- 20 x 8 indoor space of goodness.  better start sewing.


Friday, March 31, 2017

March jottings

3/2/17  Vision

3/6/17   Monday again -- silence is odd.  Ruby came to town yesterday -- hanging out in the garage ... might need to go for a drive sometime today ... I'm sure she misses me.  I missed her. 

03/7/17  Silence is had when I have so much to blurb.   I'm crabby, the world knows it .. Jackie suggested I go home early -- so I came home with a tote bag of work -- it was a great idea -- different space = better perspective. 


03/14/17 Still tired and still cranky -- too much disorganized chaos for a Monday -- I always seem to whine about the chaos and never seem to do anything about it  -- that needs to change.  Change is hard but needed.

03/17/17 The Parade was it's usual entertainment for the end of winter -- always a good time for the kids and adults.  Cold and really windy.

03/20/17 28 days people -- 28 days

03/21/17  So, so hard to be silent when I have so much to share!

03/25/17 and, yes, it is okay to say NO!

the fluid that gets me thru the day ... or at least starts my day .... I've been so good this winter -- one a week from McD's ... a rare treat

TV has been pretty awful lately -- binge watched Netflix over the weekend -- The Ranch (?) kind of strange and entertaining all wrapped together ...  -- yes piles on the chair, piles on the desk and plastic is still on the windows....
3/28/17 ahhhh the beauty of Spring  -- the warm sunshine is good for my bones, the chirping birds and well, it just smells like Spring.

3/29/17  19 years -- the day our world spun -- gives us time to reflect on our blessings.  stuff can be replaced people/family cannot.

3/30/17   A dead f150 in the parking lot.  Had the oil changed yesterday -- went to go home and it runs like shit.

3/31/17  the last day of radio silence ... 466.5 hours in March ... freeking busy.  Truck got fixed -- not sure what was up -- they came and got it and returned it back .. Dad took it home today ... it's RUBY season ....



Wednesday, March 1, 2017

operation blog silence

so it's March and that means my annual month off from blogging --

kind of like "operation radio silence"

so my tired body 393.50 hours in February ... will be working steadily for the next 46 days and 45 nights. 

until we meet again ....

think Spring
Be happy
Share kindness
Work less and
Play more

see you in April



the drug they use to make other nasty drugs

2 hours post consumption
I understand why


Monday, February 27, 2017

a moment

just a moment on a Monday morning ...

one of the flock has already called in sick ....

I'm day 1.5 into what I think is a sinus infection ....

but the blizzard of the century missed us (thank you Mother Nature)
I managed to work 103.5 hours last week and I don't think I irked anyone.
(or if I did -- it wasn't intentional)

got interviewed for the newspaper on Saturday -- argh.



Wednesday, February 22, 2017

wtf ...

sorry -- I will stop the swearing by letters in March.

2:15 am -- thunder and lightening.  WTF.   February 22.....

So according to past elders (generations) ... the first frost will occur on 6 months from the first Thunderstorm.  

August 22nd.  

Well, gee, that could be bad.

other gems to live by :

Always plant the garden on Friday and Saturday of the full moon in May -- start the transplants on Good Friday ...

Rains on Easter Sunday it will rain for seven Sundays!


Monday, February 20, 2017

New Week, New Attitude, New Leaf

yep, new week - new attitude .... or so I thought.

Started prepping for the Daylight Savings Shift in March so up and outta bed by 4:45(am) ... I went to bed early too ...

Got to the gas station for milk, ice and a carwash -- didn't have enough moola for all 3 -- purse and credit card were at the office ... I scrounged the truck for $10 .... and then ..... drum rolllllll

the car wash went wacky --
the flashing message board ...

drive in slowly
reverse back slowly

drive in slowly
reverse back slowly

drive in slowly
and this Diva got irked and reversed out rather quickly the 3rd time ... all the way back to the parking lot ...

epic fail.

refund from the clerk ..

truck is still filthy -- will pull it out of the garage when the rain arrives.

it's Monday I should have known better.


Friday, February 17, 2017

life amid the critters

this is a large critter -- noshing in the cat food pan
note the live trap to right of his tail

now the bugger is attempting to get the peanut butter laced marshmallow out of the trap .. without tripping the trap ... sneaky critter ...
we've moved the trap -- and now we're licking the cat pan clean
beautiful day/night/evening in the Valley
62' today .. just bizarre weather for the middle of February
Spring Fever is an issue on 3rd street
as is -- well, Robyn went down with the sniffles
Kevin arrived to work after loading the pigs for market
Cameron got the pukes at school and Kevin had to leave
Meagan left early for dinner/theater ...
Needless to say -- I worked -- as did Jackie when she arrived.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

I don't have many pictures on my office computer -- so here's a Valentine Pix! 
This dude was on a mission -- I'm sure it had hosta's and green apples on the menu ..
Happy Valentine's Day ...
Enjoy the moments

Sunday, February 12, 2017


disjointedness -- not sure if it's a word or not, well, it's my word tonight.

verb -- the art of jumping from project to project and not completing or finishing a single task. 

actually it's probably the story of life eh?  and how does one cure disjointedness.  well -- that my friends is the issue.  I think it's probably a multi-step solution.

1.  Shake cobwebs from the brain -- i.e.  turn off the thinking for an hour. take a walk, get some fresh air --

2.  Cut back on the caffeine -- that junk clouds the thought process (who am I kidding -- )

3.  Don't answer the phone after (or before hours) -- getting weird.

4.  Park truck in garage and close doors -- hide -- don't talk to strangers

5.  Eat normal/regular meals ..  I can't remember the last time I actually ate and enjoyed the meal .... there was an Erb/Gerb delivery -- but I spread it over 24 hours.  Supper on Daisy Lane was a greasy pork roast -- a fat pig may not qualify as a tasty pig.  yuck. 

6.  Find some music and rock on.

7.  Don't look out the window at the sunshine and warmer weather ... it's going to snow again -- hopefully not soon.   If the forecast for the week holds -- I might have to pull Ruby out of storage for a drive ... she can stay at the office for a few weeks.

So this week my goal is to work on the disjointedness.  

Less crabbing
Less caffeine
Less TV
More fresh air
More music

Rock on ....



Saturday, February 11, 2017

hello bed

I attempted a frappe with the Ninja ... not bad for the first attempt

this is life

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wicked Wednesday

always wicked on Wednesday - especially here on 3rd.

Some nut job left me a message at 5:23 am.  wtf.  really, not sure if that was necessary. 

I fell asleep before the Super Bowl was over and was just informed yesterday who was the winner -- frankly it didn't seem all that important in the grand scheme of life.

We adjusting to our new schedules and bodies around here ... it's a delicate balancing act of personalities and talents

Robyn starts me out in the mornings....and slides out before lunch...
Meg slides in a couple hours later ...and leaves when Jackie slides in ...

Kevin comes when he can   (love that kid) ...  never dull at his house with the 3 littles.

Jackie comes after her other full time job and slides out at 8:00pm ish....

Cindy is the weekend girl ....

me, I'm just here all the time.
wondering why the freeking phone is ringing at 5:23 am....


Sunday, February 5, 2017

9:02 - Superbowl Sunday

ya, I'm still out of bed.  Haven't been up this late for 3 weeks.  Fading fast.

Illness update -- elders still hacking.  #2 still has no voice. 

Called about groceries on my trek home from the office this afternoon.  The only request was Lipton Ice Tea with Lemon.  By the 2nd store I found some.  I should have went to the grocery store -- but here's the deal.  I don't go to grocery stores at 3:30pm on Superbowl Sunday.  Trust me -- it wouldn't be a pleasant experience.  Gotta love Dollar General.  Oh boy, do they have crap in that place. 

3 loads of laundry before 7:15 this morning.  Keeping up with that -- 3 bags of trash -- and .... ta dahhh -- the cleaning lady made it to the office.  She was locked out Friday night but returned on Saturday ... more trash. 

okay enough rambling, time for bed. 


Saturday, February 4, 2017


Cindy's at her "real" job today
Meg is at Nutter's gig today
Jackie has the pukes/poops
Kevin's kids have the crud
No Robyn today

Just me -- it is truly lonely at the top

elders -- ah, the elders -- no voice on #2 ... still coughing / hacking / dripping .... they can't wait to get out ... cabin fever is bad on Daisy Lane

Friday, February 3, 2017


yes, I think that every Friday -- but especially Friday's in February, March & April ... and especially cold, sunny, windy Friday's.  I haven't warmed up all week. 

I had chix rice soup for lunch -- it should have warmed me up.  I've avoided hot coffee this week -- and thus avoided the acid reflux action. 

Elders are on the mend or at least headed to mending.  Doctor appointment -- fluids, bed rest, cough syrup and fever relievers are important.  I do believe cabin fever has arrived -- and too much togetherness.

Back to work - no rest for the evil.


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Life as a politician

I didn't get the color memo about wearing black .. a little color is a good thing!
Not to mention it was day 5 of the crud.


Monday, January 30, 2017

Hello Monday!

ah Monday -- it's you again.

I actually got out of bed at my normal time.  Almost 10 days of crud and on a Monday I can finally move in the morning.  Both elders now suffering from it.  and self medicating.  the speech I received about urgent care -- is not resonating with them.  they'll be there yet.

I left the office at 3:30 yesterday!   laundry, cleaning, cooking were on my agenda.  it happened.  I did sit briefly at my sewing table.  still sorting and unpacking from girls weekend.  argh.  it was chilly down there and I forgot my sweater so -- back upstairs to mindless drivel on TV.

time for change.


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday's on 3rd

yep, at work.

went home at 6:30 last night, in bed and sleeping by 8:30 ... woke up at 5:00am rolled over and slept until 7:00 -- I was dog tired yesterday and knew I needed sleep -- today is better, perky even ...

elders are also on the mend. 

alas, the work and projects continue.

so, here I am, working.


Friday, January 27, 2017

8 days of


still whining - it's ugly stuff.

and now I've managed to share it with the elders.  oh boy.  three whining bodies in a small house. 


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

life on 3rd

   most days life on 3rd street is one repetitive comment after another.

   "no you cannot deduct  ... ___________ insert weird item here"

   " yes, you must report your income"

   " no you can not come for your appointment at noon next Tuesday ... I'm busy"

we could truly write the book around here.

ah ..


Sunday, January 22, 2017

ah, a little fresh air .... the best medicine

there is a lot of mud and ice on Daisy Lane -- it's either or   and nothing in between ..
my Ruby -- haven't seen her since mid November .... I bet she misses me
just got the recall notification for the air bags ... she might get to come out of storage in February ..

wtf (part three)

part three -- urgent care .... gotta love a nurse practitioner who comes in to see you wearing a mask -- good grief.

Sudafed and bed rest -- "oh, I can write you a note to stay home from work" ... sorry chickie -- not in my world.  I will however skip the dental appointment in the morning.  ha -- the crown prep will have to wait until March.

so I went to the office and loaded up another tote bag of work ...
went to purchase Sudafed --  had to have my drivers license to get it ... wtf.
come home and napped for two hours ...

I'm upright now but fading fast -- it's been 20 minutes ...

I left the office at 2:30 yesterday -- barely made it up the hill ... took a 4 hour nap, ate, worked a bit and slept from 8:30 until 8:30 this morning. 

Elder #1 took the tractor to the hill -- it is now passable -- damn scarry couple of days .. ice is bad on the flat but it's downright ugly on a steep slope.

sweet dreams -- bed is calling ....


Saturday, January 21, 2017

WTF (part 2)

  well, I slept most of the night or at least until 5:30 when the coughing got out of control.

  the dripping nose is now out of control. 

  the chills and hot flashes are out of control -- well advil seems to slow them down

  yes, I'm whining -- although from what I've heard -- I'm in pretty good shape. 

  Off to the shower and then the office -- I have a project list for the weekend and sick by damned -- my list is going to get done.


Thursday, January 19, 2017


ya, I know less wtf ...

I think the flu has arrived on 3rd.

I'm not exaggerating ... I think every bone hurts / aches /throbs ..

the cough has subsided, for now.

can't wait for darkness to arrive.

you'll find me in a bed ... in Traverse Township  ....


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I.C.E (the day after)

I returned from trip *2 from the Government Center -- and I looked at the garage and spotted this ... kind of cool eh?  I forgot to check it out when I left this evening ... will keep camera in the truck ..
all part of the craziness on 3rd Street

(don't look a the wiring ... today's call is the electrician)

It made it thru the night ..... pictures on my phone!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


ice is evil.

freeking evil.

I bailed for home just before 5:00 last night (with homework) ...

Hit the brakes to turn on our township road -- started sliding ... oops #1.

Slowly negotiated a roundhouse corner onto the mini hill at our mailbox ... fishtailed and slid into the opposite bank -- dang near didn't make it.

Got straightened out and took a run at the big hill -- in 4WD ...

Started skidding 3/4 of the way up and bounced off the outside bank ... but made it up ...

Slid past the driveway apron at the house -- had to back up (on glare ice) ... oops #2

after 2 attempts -- made it into the garage stall -- mirrors still attached.

and elder #1 says to me --- "it wasn't that bad 15 minutes ago when I came home"  ... really dude  ---  somehow I find that hard to believe.

The inbound this morning was totally uneventful.  Thankfully. 
On with the day/week/life.

Stay smart - stay safe.



Sunday, January 15, 2017

purge ...

the need to purge and do with less has become quite pronounced here on 3rd Street ... the crew will be proud of me ... 4 boxes left my "cave" in the last 48 hours ... and it is beginning to look like 4 boxes left .. 

damn -- I got a mess in this building ... the 3 things a day rule needs to be enforced ... strictly enforced.  good grief -- the crap -- it piles up ... and we really haven't hit the "busy" season yet. 

left to do --

__  get the label maker out and label the unlabeled binders
__  vac the floor
__ re-org the rolling cart
__ order another rolling cart

and the regular W2 and 1099 printing, client stuff .. ya, the stuff that makes generates a living.

'tis good to be me.


Thursday, January 12, 2017


dining on 3rd street is generally microwaved left overs ... leftovers from girls weekend .. the papa murphy's pizza freezes well

I fell for the myth of himalyan salt lamps -- too soon to tell
I need all the good vibes I can get this time of year

elder #1 and his tractor arrived to scrap the parking lot .. I didn't think it needed it but must have thought it to be necessary ... or more likely he was at cousin shorty's and whipped in on the way past .. always amazes me -- he picks prime time rush hour for such projects ... goofy ...

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


white out conditions

drive to up to client at assisted living (can't see a thing)
no one answers the page ...
drive back to office

drive to attorney to chat about said client
grocery store (oh joy --food)
back to office

15 minute prep on repossession gains
drive back to said attorney (different client)
advise said client to foreclose
drive back to office

remember change is happening.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017



change happens every day ... although sometimes it rocks us to the core
change is good
change is bad
change happens


Monday, January 9, 2017

zee fitbit gizmo

emails me every Monday ...

WTH .... 

the subliminal message - is always "walk more you fool" ...

or I love this weeks message -- "you walked 9.8 miles over last week" ... ya, that path back and forth to the copier ....  .... whaaaattttttt.

Amazon delivered me an extra charger --- no excuses now.

happy Monday

Sunday, January 8, 2017

5 Crazy Diva's ...

Not to call ourselves old -- merely technologically challenged.  5 crazy crafting Diva's trying to take selfie style pictures with short arms ... after 52 hours of creativity we were a little wired.
I went back to the shack for brunch (French toast made from angel food cake -- I certainly wouldn't make it again but ....) and stayed until 2:00 when my reality kicked in and I went back to the office to work ...
thanks for all the laughs ladies ... life without you would be very very dull ... until our next adventure ... happy crafting!

Life at the Scrap Shack

the Scrap Shack has rules
3 projects a day rules?
project 1 -- 12 mug rugs ... chopped up scraps and re-arranged them

dress #1 ... again hunks of fabric from my scrap bin

and dress #3 ...

I didn't spend the night up there on Friday -- I had to work yesterday -- and work went extremely well I arrived in time for lunch!  Homemade egg rolls from MaryJane and her Mom ... tasty....
By 5:30 I was fading fast, cold, tired, cranky --- so I sat in the living room and covered up .... finally I gave up and went home to my own warm toasty bed ... and have awoke to a stuffy head and dripping nose --- I knew something was cooking ...
I'm dressed and headed back to the office for a couple of hours and will return to check in with the Diva's ... (and eat) ... and load up my truckload of stuff ... and maybe sew a bit more ...
These ladies keep me sane (or rather keep me less sane!) ... love 'em to death.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Making more memories

  it's GIRLS GONE CRAFTING weekend at MY SCRAP SHACK .... the food, the projects, the laughter is over the top. 

  Thursday night after the pool, when the brain fuzzies cleared -- I loaded up my stuff and attempted to project plan.  And then got to the office yesterday and found my spray starch had froze -- so good to be me.

   New tires on the truck yesterday -- should have less slippy sliding around.  It is so freeking cold that I haven't noticed the slipperies. 

  Off to work for a spot of 1099 and W2's and then back out to the shack for the balance of the weekend. 


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Memories ....

So Teresa posted a picture on wastebook of their new fangled litter box and I had to smile ... brings back the pleasant memories of Nick and the not so pleasant memories of that awful litter box.

Then, Mark walked out and asked -- "where's the cat?" ... oh my -- more memories

I have to admit I miss the creature -- but at the same time I don't miss the hair or the litter box .... or tripping over him in the dark ... or the always empty food dish or smucking the litter down the basement stairs ... it is dang quiet at night without him.
I'm going to smile the rest of the day ....

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

let the games begin

and term #3 began yesterday .... more like term 2.5  (the first one was a 2 year short gig due to re-districting)  Mr. Kemp, Mr. Luepke and I were sworn in by Judge Westphal yesterday.   Judge W was a bit late ... but the job got done and we moved on to the business of the day.

Jean took this one ... with two new commissioners it's going to be a different -- I thought it was a rough start and in thinking that -- the need to educate, improve and serve needs to be re-enforced.
So it rolls ...
then I went to the dentist in the afternoon -- unfortunately --- I'll be returning for more fillings and a crown -- she didn't buy the "I'm already a Princess I don't need another crown" statement -- I tried --
this morning I was the stupid Diva -- pumped gas at -8 ... hanging out at the gas pump at -8 with a stiff north wind -- windchill at -20 -- will put the starch in your undies ...
Stay warm and stay safe will be the motto for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

slip slidin away

I carefully slid over the large hill this morning.

Missed hitting the mailbox on the mini hill.

Missed one of the neighboring mailboxes on the inbound commute.

Office parking lot is bad, just bad.
The wind blew the trash Kirby down the street ... it's still upright!

Heading out to sand / salt / rock the surfaces
(in a skirt and my kick ass boots)


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hello 2017 ...

I think this is my favorite picture of 2016 -- I didn't take as many pictures ... which might be a good thing --

I was a NYE party pooper -- I had planned to sew most of the evening -- and I did -- but I spent it ripping out part of a quilt.  The tension was wacked on the long arm, so 1/2 a quilt got ripped out -- re-loaded/re-rolled back onto the long arm and re-stitched.  I also brought a couple of office projects home -- sometimes working at a different desk brings new perspective ... sometimes.

So most of the projects got finished -- the Downton Abbey marathon was on PBS -- kept me busy.  I slept late this morning (7:30!) .. it was light out ... egads.  seriously. 

Eventually I made it to the office -- lots of fun projects -- like cleaning, more trash, more furniture moving, more organizing.  I lead a paper shuffle life. 

And tomorrow it begins again.

Girls Gone Crafting begins in 5 days -- I need to start packing my projects ... details to follow ....

the panther in the back yard ... he thinks he's tough.