Monday, December 11, 2017

i'm legal ...

life in a world of regulations can be time consuming ....

it was my peer review year ...
 so -- f/s and background documents were forwarded to my reviewer in late July
 mid September heard back from her and she submitted her documents to the RAB .... (report acceptance body)
 early December I heard back from RAB ... and forwarded docs on to the State Board of Accy
 quickly heard back from them -- life is good for 3 more years

today was update/upload continuing education doc's to State Board ...
   ( minimum of 20 hours per year and 120 hours per 3 year cycle -- I average 40 a year)
and renew licenses

and of course --- it all costs $$$   like $2,000... between the peer reviewer, the RAB and the license renewals ..

but I'm DONE ---

annual license renewals
peer review is every 3 years ...

just breathe ... it's good to be legal ...

Sunday, December 10, 2017

weekend treats

my version of some kind of chex treat --- corn chex, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips -- melted almond bark

puppy chow -- rice chex, melted chocolate chips, melted peanut better and lots of powdered sugar ...powdered sugar everywhere ...

and a little fruit thrown in for healthy

and my yaktrax I'm ready for ice.

Friday, December 8, 2017

silence be damned

Jon's (again it was on Facebook -- so I'm going with it's fair game to share)  panoramic shot of the neighborhood -- somewhere around 11:00 is the farm -- 9:00 is the shop and 1 - 5 the Traverse des Sioux Historic Site ...

I was silent for 4 days .. so much happening, so many thoughts, so cold I can't think or see straight.  Worked every night this week, some where -- not always productive.  My afternoon appointment cancelled so I have some work time available -- so I'm here typing away.

Wednesday -- me and the "first time driving in snow, wind and slippery roads" occurred with the brown truck.  I still like her!  Learned how to operate the remote start last night -- will test that out tonight on the outbound commute.

Emily, the cleaning lady comes tonight -- we need her bad.  She's been on a once a month schedule since April .. snow season brings about more mess.

okay -- back to silence for another day ....

Sunday, December 3, 2017

hummm, lots a thoughts

I had an odd, yet productive weekend.   Ruby went to the car wash this morning  and after I got home -- she went into storage for the winter ... covered and mouse deterred ... and .... ta dah ... the truck actually fits in the garage -- it's kind of close .... but it fits.  We probably should have tested that out sooner ... but she's in the garage.

84  --- 3 inch blocks made from flying geese leftovers ... a whole lot of squaring and trimming

we had a crafty Saturday -- and it was a beautiful weather Saturday -- but ... I made 42 large flying geese blocks in the morning/early afternoon and then used up my trimmings to make the 3" half square triangles above -- I cut 6" blocks from 13 Christmas fabrics for a new Christmas table quilt .... they are in a pile for another day ..

and I did a lot of thinking ... thinking is good ... Mama Pea from A Home Grown Journal recently blogged about the lack of time to keep up with all the stuff (for lack of a better description, stuff works) that overwhelms our days and our lives -- and to recharge herself she's taking a break from blogging, blog reading, and social media.  She's got a point -- social media is a giant time user -- and frankly I (all of us) have lost the ability to communicate with each over via the spoken or written word.

I spend too much time on all of it -- too much wasted time.  Blogging is the least of it -- blogging is my daily journal for myself (because the 15 of you who read this -- tolerate my ramblings) ... I do purchase, download and print a hard copy of this blog every year -- it's under $ 10.00 ... 

So my goal is to only facebook and instagram on my phone - that will slow me down ...  and the blog, this blog  ... is going to see me once a week ... I might resume the photo a day blog .. but that could be done here ...

and all the extra time -- watch for the letters, cards, notes and phone calls ... we all need to learn to communicate with our friends and loved ones ... 

Friday, December 1, 2017

i am such a numbers geek


337.5 January
393.5 February
466.5 March
378.5 April
243.5 May
261.5 June
234.5 July
248.5 August
203.5 September
246.5 October
226.5 November

3240.50  YTD   3274.50 last year!

so i'm a numbers junkie .. i just am, it's how i'm wired.
we track a lot of details at the office ...

i track how many hours i work ... so for clarification
this is my hours at the office and on County time  
it's sometimes hard to separate the two ...

for reference (and because i'm a numbers junkie)
a 40 hour a week, 52 week no break schedule is 2,080 hours ..

the good thing in this odd data ... i'm working less this year than last!!!!   hahahahaha
and March was awful.  
it just was.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

ahhh fall ...

and the things we do to get ready for the snow and cold ... Ruby had her fall oil change yesterday -- a fast pass with a vacuum and wash and she's ready for winter storage ... I actually drove her home across the field road last night -- after all it is the shortest route between the farms.  she can handle down the hill -- up the hill is 4WD only ... it's dry out there .. if it doesn't rain or snow soon -- my ATV trips will be cut back ... wouldn't want the prairie to start burning from a hot manifold or muffler 

since Ruby was out of commission with the oil change gig -- I ended up walking everywhere ... first trip was Gov't Center for Ditch Stuff ... then over to HHS for a retirement and the social workers were gracious enough to invite me for lunch ... and I never turn down pot luck!  

Back to the office and spot of work -- then back to HHH for the soiree at Public Health -- 50 years of home health care by Nicollet County -- and then back to the office ... 'twas a good day to be hoofing it all over town ... and good for me -- even if I was whining about it ...

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

what a crappy day ...

the only solution to making a horrid day tolerable.  

yes, I use my own mug rugs!

so -- the queasy's continued most of the day -- after lunch I was light headed, dizzy and had balance issues -- and hot ... once I lost the long underwear, skirt, boots and sweater -- I cooled off ... the ears are still ringing ... so back on the allergy pills.

meeting, meeting, meeting, client meeting, meeting.  it was one of those days.
tomorrow is client meeting, meeting, meeting, client meeting, meeting -- 
I haven't looked at Thursday ...

then I had a candle moment -- as in, "wasn't there a candle burning in the bathroom" moment so I drove back to the office -- and well, there was no candle burning in the bathroom.  wth.  letters are not swearing.

my Christmas card order arrived from Vistaprint ... below is the picture :)

Monday, November 27, 2017

the glut of capitalism

no cyber monday for this chick -- i spent way to much money on needless stuff the entire month of November.

clothes -- i have way too many clothes for a middle aged woman.  i scored deals on saturday -- 50% deals and took advantage of them ... let it be known -- i won't need undergarments for a while.  enough said.  i've been drooling over a lands' end down vest for years ... a pretty plaid one.  no. no. no.  

i sewed on the mystery project most of sunday morning -- the blocks are constructed and need to be sized and slabbed together ... pictures after christmas -- 

mom and i black friday shopped on saturday night -- fleet farm (ya, we need to get a life) ... nuts, dried fruit, boots and appliances -- and of course a side trip for supper .. 

the fabulous weather yesterday had me cruising the prairie on my atv -- almost 15 miles of cruising ... i went places i haven't been for years and well, i hauled trash to the dumpster.  the atv is a very expensive trash hauler.

it's back to the pool night -- we'll see if i can still keep my head above water ... good for the body and soul.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

little details in life

my thanksgiving day walk ... nary a snowflake in sight ... isn't it lovely!

but the last of the coneflowers didn't survive the 10' temps a week ago ....

So, I normally love having a rental apartment -- until the text message arrives at 7:00am on a Saturday -- "no heat" .... so I called the furnace dude's emergency number (which is his cell number) .... and waited --- finally I gave up --- put my cell number on the doors and went home at 1:00pm  .....

got home, got comfy --- and he arrived -- renter dealt with him -- a motor or compressor or something on the upstairs furnace.  

It is good to be me.

Friday, November 24, 2017


there are no pictures -- but I mowed the freaking lawn today -- November 24th and I'm mowing the lawn -- this will be the very last time in 2017.  I usually jot in my daily notes when I mow ... I didn't jot the first of the season down -- but it was April .... April thru November is a lot of grass cutting ....

on the flip side -- the freshly mowed (and short) grass looks pretty darn good (for November) ... I like short grass going into winter -- less snow mold.  Let's be real here -- my grass is pretty awful.  The quack has froze off -- the creeping charlie doesn't mind the cold. 

Ruby and I will be headed home shortly -- after a stop for gas (and perhaps a wash -- if it is not raining) and then she's going to hibernate for the winter -- her reserved spot in the machine shed awaits her (and her blankie) ...

maybe we should check out the cabin tomorrow!!!!  lunch on the deck if it isn't raining ...... missing the happy place...

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

argh ..

immediate disclaimer -- I stole this pix from facebook --- my theory, if it's on facebook it's fair game as longs as I disclose it ...

so this is the traffic nightmare of south Saint Peter -- NIGHTMARE .... truly, WTH is MnDOT doing to the road on an holiday escape day --- ...  it's been like this all week long ..

even here on 3rd it is chaotic -- truly ---  and frankly peeps have become aliens ... truly ..

I feel the need to sew and CALM down. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

every once in a while

a reality check hits. ....

I was on the move from the moment my fit hit the floor yesterday --- client meetings, county meetings (*3 -- in various locations) -- updating the life insurance (always important) ...attempting to calm the chaos of a Monday (and my life) ... and thru it all ....

the news of a death -- the 16 year old daughter of clients -- 16 -- cancer .... a beautiful vibrant 16 year old --- I know life isn't always fair -- but 16 ... she (and her family) fought so hard ... and now ... peace ...

I have so much in which to be thankful ....
and chaos is just freaking chaos.

peace .....

Sunday, November 19, 2017

just Diva and an afternoon ATV ride

the mother lode of bittersweet -- is a bit slim this year 

someday I'm going to build a house on this corner of paradise ... it is a gorgeous view of the valley ... and the oaks ... oh, the oaks

I tried so hard to get a shot of the milkweed seeds blowing in the breeze -- 30 pictures later ... they all look like this ....

ice on the pond today ... 

Friday, November 17, 2017


Monday -- I can't remember but I must have been busy.
Tuesday -- Board Meeting, lunch w/Jack, tornado party planning, drive to St. Cloud
Wednesday -- Tax Conference (in St. Cloud) a spot of Crafts Direct
Thursday -- Tax Conference, drive home from St. Cloud, office messages, etc
Friday -- Public Health Preparedness Conf in Mankato, back to office

whew I'm pooped.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

48 hours -

I miss keys ... 

covert crochet -- always good to keep the hands busy during the seminar ... I managed to make a significant dent on two scarves ... 

and my view from the back row ... water .. coffee .. writing utensils ... 

it was a fast 48 hours -- Saint Cloud and back -- I did get to spend an hour at Crafts Direct ... I showed restraint -- only $73 in the hour I was there -- it was the $12/yard fabric I selected ... 4 yards for an undercover project .. 

The seminar was a bit of a disappointment ... although I didn't expect much ... but geez .. babbling to fill time is a waste of my time and insulting to all of us in attendance.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

motivation Sunday

well, I was so motivated I deleted the picture of my caramel frappe ... it tastes as good as it looks. It truly has been the only motivated thing I've done today.

so below was a phone shot out the bedroom window and the quote of the day ... "there's a brown truck parked in the yard .. I wonder who that is ?"  oh Mom ....

it's my truck.  elder #1 used it to move his boat from the front of shed from back of shed --- brown truck was parked in the way.  

since I'm lacking in motivation -- i'm going to take a nap. 

later alligators!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

night stand still life

fuzzy ipad shot ... the sudafed stupor does not allow for pictures in focus.  but that stuff seems to be working.  so ... two beverage glasses, advil bottle and advil tablet, eyedrops and book ... 

soft tissue is a must ... need more ... you know where to find me ...

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

embracing November

  on another blog I read how one crazy woman embraces November -- it's the month before the happy season ... it's the end of the year and getting ready to roll into the new year ...

hooey pooey --- i hate sitting at my desk and seeing the street lights come to life at 4:40pm.  yikes it's dark ... but I'm trying ...

   i have the crud or some version of the crud.  'tis better to have it in November than February has been my mantra of the day ... I was out at THE drainage ditch project last Friday and got a chill -- ditto for Saturday and Sunday ... and so begins the dripping nose, the chills, the achyness, the fever .... yes, Mrs. H -- I got it ...

  i'm still at the office -- however my freshly detailed truck just arrived -- time to go home and get in a nap before bed!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

weekend fun and games

I started a new quilting project while attending a quilting/scrapbooking retreat on Saturday ... it uses two layer cakes and a cake mix booklet -- ... I'll be ripping off papers in my sleep .... long way to go ...

the other three in my tribe -- they were working on cards from a couple of Wednesday's ago .. we were literally in the back corner of the room -- it was quiet back there .... and kind of dark.  I was thankful I took my Ott light with me.  It was after 8:00 before we opened the cookie bag and I don't think anyone attacked the m & m bag.   Love my little travel iron -- it's great for small work spaces.  After I got bored tired of the paper piecing gig I pieced a 1 1/2 honey bun roll into a top.

I started the day with my 2017 scrapbook pages -- all stuck down and ready to insert into plastic sleeves.  I planned and prepped and really didn't waste a lot of time .. I did shop the vendors ... cool stuff.

We were home by 10:00 and by 10:15 I had my stuff carried into the house ... 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

I don't

wanna work ....

I have a really really bad case of the I don't wanna work .... really bad.

Yesterday was a County Gig in Nicollet ... lovely drive in the darkness ... cold breeze blowing off of the lake, marsh, prairie pothole, swamp.  Back to the office and the end of month - beginning of a new month stuff --

Home to a couple of piles of laundry -- and I sewed while laundry -- pieced 9 turning twenty blocks for a mid-sized table topper ... tonight will put the blocks together and finish packing for Saturday ...

Saturday is our crafting day in the metropolis known as Arlington Minnesota -- I have 2017 scrapbook pages to assemble (as in glue the pictures to pretty paper) .. and a couple of sewing projects ... my Block magazine arrived and it has a couple of possibilities in it ...

okay back to work -- webinar this afternoon, followed by a County gig and a HAIRCUT ....


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

 so I'm watching a webinar, typing on the blog, surfing the internet and crocheting on a scarf this morning ... two hours of busyness. 

 the Keurig is brewing coffee (plain and fru fru) nicely --

 the sun is shining - it's still windy and it's freeking cold. 

 I miss summer and fall. 

evening edit:  Mrs. H. sends me an email ... Keurig at the office?  ...  ya - it was a good sale!  and it's aqua .... need to find a home for it ... it's too tall for on the counter -- under the cabinet -- who'd a thought -- modern gizmo/old house issue ... 

wait 'til she sees the standing desk that arrived today -- some assembly required -- hmmm might need elder assistance on this one ....

ta ta

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

afternoon ATV cruise

a couple more shots from my Saturday afternoon ride ... it doesn't appear that I accomplished much on my list -- but the day is not over yet ..

I'm ready to take the self study exam ....
the sewing room is ready to vaccuum
the window quilt has been pressed, the backing is stretching  -- I need to select a back ...

I did pull fabric from the "collection" to donate to the church quilting ladies ... just need to hook up with the right ones and deliver it ....

I'll get gas and wash my truck on Tuesday ... tomorrow is a Ruby day.

I'm about to sit down with my laptop and plan out the next week or so ... focus -- keeps me focused...

Mom and I went back to Mankato for lunch -- HyVee -- the Chinese in their deli is pretty tasty ... and a half cart load of groceries --- then I made a stop at Joann Fabrics ... haven't been there in months ... did good -- picked up a Christmas print for a new Christmas table runner and 5 yards of a pastel watermelon print for a quilt back ... and it was on SALE!!!!

enough -- the projects await me.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

the last Saturday of October

and the list for the rest of the weekend ....

1.  Finish self study seminar
2.  Order shit from Office Depot
3.  Bake the coffee cake
4.  More of the never ending laundry
5.  Gas and wash the truck
6.  Sewing room
     a.  fabric purge
     b.  plan project for next weekend.
     c.  quilt the window quilts for "my" office windows
     d.  finish the binding project
     e.  vac/clean the sewing space
     f.  put together the new clothing rack
     g. deliver the MF clothing rack to the office
7.  Deliver the quilt magazines to CK
8.  Plan out the week!

ya, I'm big on the lists lately.  Keeps me focused when I'm not really focused.  Did my Mankato run over the lunch hour what a zoo.  Traffic and crazy busy people everywhere.  I did manage to score everything on my list ... toothpaste, body wash, coffee -- returns, deposits at the thrift shop .... it's the life I lead.

busted out my ATV and took a farm tour this afternoon ....

I never thought I'd live to see an eagle riding the thermals -- I was gassing up the ATV and 5 of them were soaring above me ...

bessie, the camo atv

see that critter swimming in the pond ?
what kind of critter?
no one knows
beaver? turtle? wood chuck?

it dove underwater when I made noise -- and didn't surface ...eeekkkkk

Friday, October 27, 2017

Life on 3rd

moved my desk -- my view is now out the window ... not sure if that is a good thing or not -- but I'm not looking at the alley any longer -- that is a good thing

the wind has howled for 2 days, it is cold in my office -- so on went the plastic window kits -- keeps the drafts down -- won't eliminate them -- but it helps ... 3 windows done -- 8 to go ...

I found this newspaper clipping in my desk -- (it too got cleaned) .. 1979 ... "honest to goodness genuine old fashioned" ... yep ... 

7 days of black & whites

there was a facebook challenge streaming thru the threads -- post a black and white picture every day for 7 days -- no words no descriptions

it was hard ... I live in a colorful world 
and I'm not silent

day 1 -- missing my weekends at the lake
damn miss that place
it keeps me calm and focused

a dried up sunflower from a couple of seasons ago

cornfield - this fall

 my red truck and one of the last large loads of melons -- fall 2016
I miss the pix of a truckload of watermelons ...
I kind of even miss the work ...

the field behind the house on my walk last Sunday -- worked up and ready for spring

the daily chaos of 3rd street - February 2017

Day 7 -- from November of 2010
there is a time and place for everything -- and October is not the time or place for snow and cold.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

hmmm --- snow --- October

wth -- snow is in the forecast -- and measurable snow.  no.  just wrong.

so Ruby was scheduled to go to Mankato Ford and have her airbags replaced tomorrow (Friday)  yes, those pesky airbags ... they finally have the parts ...  I called this morning and cancelled the appointment -- the Service Tech found it amusing that my baby does not leave the garage when it snows. 

she's not leaving the garage.  end of story.  she ain't made for snow.

back to the projects.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


I hate the darkness of the changing seasons.
It's dark on the inbound and home bound commute.

Hate it, just hate it.
Hate is a strong word -- but dislike isn't a strong enough adjective to describe my fall/winter blacks.  This morning it seems particularly dark -- must be the wind (and evidently clouds) and the damp cold that seems to settle in ...

Too windy to put out the trash this morning (the cans are relatively empty anyway) -- picking trash out of the fence is worse than the darkness --

It seems I need a list (a project list) to keep the darkness out ...

1.  finish the bedroom remodel - the vac awaits me
2.  unpack/photograph/measure the unsold quilts
3.  fabric purge

1.  vac/scrub out the window wells
2.  apply the plastic (adds to the darkness)
3.  mow the lawn one last time
4.  haul out the trimmings
5.  move my office furniture
6.  finish the closet scanning project.

fun stuff:
1.  finish my book
2.  deliver truckload to the thrift shop
3.  deliver fabric to church ladies
4.  go ride my ATV

Sunday, October 22, 2017

I am a clothes horder

yes, it is true -- I have too many clothes and I spend too much money on them.

today was closet purge -- I purged a lot.  5 garbage bags for the thrift shop and 2 for the trash -- large garbage bags. 

nothing was sacred -- even the well worn favorites got tossed.  shoes too.  grungy socks.  gone. 

I'm moving on to the quilt magazines and bookcases this evening.  the purge continues. 
I have a tub of quilts for the warming tree .... yarn is also an issue ... my new goal is to stash money every time I think I need something.  I should be rich by spring.

the harvest of 2017 shit-show continues ... per elder #1 the JD wagon train is moving from Le Center to Lake Prairie -- smack dab in the middle of Sunday rush hour -- this ought to be entertaining.  traffic was up the wahzoo when elder #2 and I came home from the cabin .....

no cabin time -- just popped in to measure the fridge space -- I may have scored a free fridge -- one that keeps the food cold. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

bucket lists and project nights

I've been a good worker bee this week.  Every day and every night there has been a project started and finished. 

Monday:  Lots, I mean lots of office projects.

Tuesday:  County road tour day -- me and the troops in the Veterans Van ... once I got home I sorted out all the bins of completed scrapbooking pages by year ... found the EMPTY albums and 2 loads of laundry.  I uploaded, edited and ordered pictures from Walgreens.  (with a 40% coupon).

Today:  Awesomely gorgeous day -- the loose scrapbooking pages got inserted into sleeves and into albums.  Check!  2 more loads of laundry, it never ends.  My projects for the crafting event are organized into a pile.  My tech project -- I went into my itunes and made up new playlists and downloaded them to my iPod ... tunes are important!

Somehow, I don't think this new found progress is going to continue.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Just a Monday Night ..

I got the Redmen after Planning & Zoning and parked Ruby next to Keith's Harriet ...  Harriet is looking really good .. dang she's my new favorite teal color ...

Ruby celebrated a birthday on the home bound commute last night -- serious brain fart going on -- but I think I've had her 4 summers ... which puts it at May of 2013?  dang maybe it was May of 2014?  I should know that ... anyway 12,000 miles on her ...

May 9, 2014 -- I had to go look it up --- 4th summer of Ruby ... and 3rd summer of the lake ....old age can be hell ....

Monday, October 16, 2017

Bison (Buffalo) oh so cool.

I'm hungry and the green grass is along the road --
the bison at minneopa put on quite the show for us yesterday ...

up close they are smaller than I thought
oh so cool.

and a dash cam view --- via mom and my phone .. it was so cool.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

and the Day After Maker Fair

this is the sea of shoppers in the Annexstad building 1 hour into the Maker Fair -- it was a crowded, jumbled out of control free for all ... well, free for all might not fit - but wowzer it was jammed -- frankly I think the organizers needed to tweek a lot.

1.  The aisles need to be wider for shopper safety ... it was nuts.
2.  No strollers -- there just isn't room for them ... 
3.  2 days ... instead of one ... might spread out the sea of humanity.
4.  tighten up the merchants a bit better -- which would probably leave me out of it ... that's okay.
5.  food, need more food and spread it out.
6.  need a building captain in each building -- that stays in the building.
6.  more toilet paper please -- paper towel ... hmmmm

I saw this crochet sweater coat on a shopper -- believe me it looked a heck of a lot better in person ... I creeped (with the telephoto ) and took this shot ... it was cool.  yes, I'm a dweeb.

I got away from my booth in the beginning and bought these twin tin trees.
coolest thing ever.  expensive, but darn cool.
need more.

My truck is unpacked, tables and chairs are put away -- tubs of leftovers are at the office -- I'm going to be a vendor at the Scrap Shacks Fall Crafting Gig next Friday and Saturday .. storing in the back room of the office is less steps than the basement at home.

I'm not sure if I'll do this again.  I was a tad bit disappointed at my booth location (okay, I was pissed) the whole thing was a bit disorganized (okay a lot) .. but the shoppers were having fun and there was a whole lot of them ... time will tell.