Friday, June 23, 2017

Thursday's on Daisy Lane

view #1 of my pile of skirts

and view #2 .. same pile just swapped 'em up to see the colors ...
I took my tired body home and started laundry ... it piles up ... and while it was spinning away I sewed.  I actually get a lot of sewing done during laundry -- anyway -- 8 skirts are done and ready to press -- 3 more are about 1/2 done ...
for the weekend at the Happy Place -- I have a pile of dresses that need to have their buttons and trims attached -- several hours of buttons ... more bodices to turn and attach to skirts ... and buttons on them too ...
it was a calm, peaceful productive night --

Thursday, June 22, 2017

rainy days and

  always make me tired.

  I left the girls at stitch and bitch last night and took Ruby across the field road home.  My newly detailed clean shiny Ruby -- took a 1.5 mile cruise on a minimum maintenance road.   Across the prairie, down the hill and around the corner -- ya, nuts.

  I was tired and not in the mood to drive around.  It works. 

  I was struggling to stay focused yesterday -- so I dragged a "no long in use" piece of trash file cabinet --  out of the file room to the parking lot .... it's free if anyone needs one.  I cut a truckload of weeds out of some of the flower beds -- there is at least another truckload to go.  And I did all of this in a skirt and sandals -- argh.  But at least if felt like I was accomplishing something.

  Something.  Better than nada.



Monday, June 19, 2017

those weekends ...

  are killing me ...

  cramming everything into two days is dang near impossible

once the office planters got planted, the groceries purchased and my body transported to the happy place -- the sewing begin ... here I am turning a bodice and basting before pressing ..
sorry the pincushion was my first (and last) attempt at a pincushion

by late Saturday afternoon the clouds and wind rolled in and it was COLD.  Nor did I have long pants in my stash of clothing .. out came the blanket ...
Sunday was a repeat of Saturday -- although in reverse order -- arrived at the happy place had coffee and the Sunday paper (un-interrupted and didn't have to share it) and then a cabin cleaning binge -- vac'd, washed down counters, scrubbed out the sink, washed down the patio furniture (leaf trash was stuck to it) and finally got my book and comfy chair -- and it started to RAIN
 ... so I came home -- and planted planters at home, took my nap, did laundry, sewed up 5 more bodices and a bunch of adorable skirts ... and got served LEGAL PAPERS ...
ya, it was a freeking entertaining afternoon.   someday's being a commissioner is not all it is cracked up to be!

Thursday, June 15, 2017


the scrapping Divas thought bingo was a cultural event ... so we went to the Legion Club for Bingo ... 17 games of Bingo ... I won the "lucky 7" game and ended up splitting with 2 others ... $32 ...

so it was supper at the Legion (fried greasy stuff) pop (no Tea), and kettle corn and the company of the scrapping Divas ...
our next cultural event will not be Bingo at the Legion Club ...
so it goes...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

so ...

so, remember this shot (still a favorite)
well all the work of planting, hoeing, weeding, dusting, chasing critters, picking, praying for no frost, selling, hustling, praying for frost has been replaced with
this -- the peaceful easy feeling of the lake ... I thought I blogged about my "farming" retirement earlier but 'tis true. (oh, I did -- but it wasn't very clear) I knew I was done last October and even after 15 seed catalogs arrived, I was still done.  Dad asked me one day -- where's the patch, Kevin planted everything.  "there is no patch" ..  I think he was the most disappointed but not so much
truly I've enjoyed spring so far -- ya, I did miss the plotting, ordering and the planting -- but well, all good things must come to an end and I knew it was time -- it wasn't fun any more -- it was work ... and well, work needs to be fun too ...

Monday, June 12, 2017

zee storm

hit somewhere else.  I did however pop into the office at 7:00am on Sunday to shut down the server and the copier and unplug stuff.  moved the plants under shelter -- stashed the trash curbies in the garage  ----  stopped for McD's for breakfast -- fed the cats, stashed the home patio furniture .... and waited ...

ha -- it rained --- that's all folks -- darkness, wind and rain -- thankful for the rain.

this one was (is) floating around facebook -- somewhere in the NW metro (Coon Rapids?)  personally it's going to melt -- and that move is really hard on the grass ...

this one is also floating around facebook -- shared 19,000+ times to I'm sharing it here.  It was creepy moving in ... total darkness before the rain started ...

so the cleaning binge was exhausting -- after the above mentioned rain event (ha) ... I came back to work and keep on the project list -- it was too sticky for anything else -- the elders made it back from trip #1 to Canada --

finally got back to the sewing room -- the pillowcases got their seams surged -- pressed 'em up and stored away 10 - sets and 5 more cut out and ready to sew -- my dress patterns arrived and I cut out and partially pieced a new dress -- freeking cute.  Using the serger to finish the seams .... really does a nice job -- the Bernina really isn't a good zig zagger .. odd --

after tonight's meeting will finish it up and try the next one (or two) ... I have an entire tub of cut out dresses out at the cabin ... my favorite pattern I spent an entire afternoon cutting them out ... and have been slowing sewing them up ....

Happy Monday (and the rest of the week) ...



Saturday, June 10, 2017

huh ...

  ya, easy living at 94' with a heat index of 101' ... and wind, freeking wind.

  easy living June -- working on Saturday -- it's the coolest place to be .... the plan was to work and watch pbs tv all day -- and frack -- it is pledge week so my favorite viewing has been displaced.  dang.

  easy living June - I attacked the home office, purged, moved the furniture, lots of cleaning the computer / modem / technology actually worked when I hooked it all back together (wow) ... I filled the back of Mom's wheels with trash, recycling and thrift shop. 

  I moved on to the bookcases in the bed room -- a good start but a pile of trash came from there also .. I'm on a purge roll.  

  There was a couple of loads of laundry in there also ...

   Left to do -- a lot of final vacuuming, final dusting -- need a small bookcase for a printer stand -- hello amazon, one more small closet purge --

   Eventually (this evening) the sewing machine(s) and I will finish up the pillowcase production run #1 ... 10 sets.  A quilt will get loaded and quilted (I'm totally out of crib quilts) and I might attempt my book.

stay cool
stay safe.


Thursday, June 8, 2017

easy living? wtf

So, Wednedsay I had a continuing education webinar -- I parked my tush at my desk for 8 1/2 hours and watched the screen -- it was split -- the manual, the speaker and a q/a box .... argh.  I did manage to clean out all my desk drawers while sitting there!  

I crochet a spell and actually almost finished a scarf ... I crochet anywhere, even the life seminars

and today, the day of easy living -- I wore a dress (2nd time this week) and forgot my sandals at home -- so it was the lawn mowing Nikes ... it could have been worse.
So I worked Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night it was a spot of fun with the scrapbooking divas and I just got home from the office -- the weekend forecast is ugly hot and humid.  Will be working then too...might as well -- it's the only way to keep cool.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


ah June, the month of easy living.

nope, not yet.

worked until 9:00pm last night.   it was okay I had things to finish.  me, Netflix and the computer

today is meetings in Mkto and tomorrow is seminar (at my computer) ... so it rolls on 3rd street

friend and old co-worker Dot passed away last week ... 88, a full and busy life -- my best Dot story -- I asked her how to spell fertilizer one day (this was in the 1980's ... we still typed on a typewriter --- well before spell check and autocorrect ) and she answered me rather dryly -- S H I T .... oh Dot, you will be missed --

or the day we went to lunch as Schoops Saloon -- both of us had the tuna melt and both of us were sick -- rather quickly, 35 years later and neither of us eats (ate, will eat) tuna ..

or the day my CPA exam results were due and the Mary Chapin Carpenter song "I feel lucky" was on the radio --- she told me -- "it is your day honey!" ... and she was right -- it was my day and a good one at that ....

I had the privilege of visiting with her a month ago while she was toward the end of a lengthy hospital stay -- it was a great chat --

Happy Tuesday

Easy living -- just keep up the chant ... easy living .... easy living ...

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Weekend at the Happy Place

spent yesterday at the cabin ...



Friday, June 2, 2017


It has been a weird week -- I've spent too much time in a chair ... believe me I know ... but I've been pretty good at spending time every night at the sewing machine/ironing board/basement sweat shop -- it's freeking 90' in the house tonight -- so the basement was good ...
here's the production shots of the week ....
pillowcase production -- I'm using the modified tube method ... well the band and flange are attached with the tube method -- but I'm not French seaming the side and bottom -- stitch and serge is my method -- with a lot of pressing between steps -- burning thru yards of the stash ...
first attempt at a bonnet == love the iron as the "mannequin" ... no -- it is not plugged in
a little fussy but cute == uses a fat quarter of fabric and is fully lined

pillowcase production from a different angle ... the pincushion was a failure so I'm using it myself -- and the red bowl is my "garbage bowl" .. it works ...

Thursday, June 1, 2017

june ....

two reactions ...

thankfully it's June and OMG it's June already!

So my June is going to be loaded with little or nothing -- easy living is going to be my theme for June -- after all it is the month of endless sun --- (love it) ... so the goals for the month ...

1.  70,000 steps a week --- better than that daily quota ...
2.  morphing the CSA program/data to the VPN
3.  beefing up the internet/cell plan
4.  getting the continuing education wrapped up
5.  spending as much time as possible at the cabin
6.  getting the pillow cases and 10 crib quilts finished (they are pieced just need
                    to be quilted and bound
7.  get that truck traded off .... one way or another ....

easy summer living eh!

Happy June


Monday, May 29, 2017


no pictures from evergreen lane today ... (on the other device!)
yep, scored a pair of blue jeans for $next to nothing at the local "hometown shopko" ... i really like our little shopko --it's convenient -- and well, convenient, items maybe less expensive elsewhere -- but this one is on in inbound and outbound commute

Mrs. Gray brought her babies over to the house and oh so quickly they've learned to climb the fence and play king of the hill amid the lilac
giant allium ... the only one and it's cool

always a favorite ..

and the lilacs smell wonderful -- the whole yard is fragrant ...
this variety is "Miss Kim" ... tough and dependable ...

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Bring on the spider squad this is not good

Friday, May 26, 2017

dang ....

I'm not in the mood .... to

__x__ work
__x__ sew
__x__ cook (or clean)
__x__ argh

  on the plus side .. the sun is shining and the morning is gorgeous (as I sit here in shorts and a fleece sweatshirt) ...

today's project list:

1.  Mow office grass (again)
2.  Pull weeds for 30 minutes
3.  Garbage out ..
4.  100 mnprs
5.  project WR
6.  project WGB
7.  project BEH
8.  project DSS

that's a lot of projects eh. 
I decided sometime yesterday (well, last night) I'm just pooped. 

Yesterday was Brown Nicollet CHB conference call, Elected Women Luncheon and well a whole lot of "not a lot of accomplishing anything" in between -- rain was forecasted and happening so I came back to work after supper.

a weekend away will be a good thing.
packing up the homework.



Tuesday, May 23, 2017

life amid the birds and raindrops

mr cardinal -- oh so bright

the orioles have returned

a few shots while sitting at the supper table

the sun popped out in between the rain showers
the greens were green
the orioles are slowly maturing to darker orange

and this goofy turkey sat calmly at the edge of the garden for an hour
not sure, but she might be injured
eventually she got up and wandered away

Monday, May 22, 2017

monday chaos

  wow, the Monday chaos is raining a steady stream of wackiness.  the lack of sunshine for 6 days must have created this mess.  I'm continually amazed at the clients who walk in off the street and ask complicated/in depth questions and wonder why I can't spit out an answer in 30 seconds or less .. truly .... it doesn't happen that way ... at least not anymore. 

  the sun is out and I got my office my grass got mowed.  4 of the 8 payrolls are done, the final sales tax is done, I had lunch, I wacked out on someone.  I, I, I   need to loose the word I in my vocabulary.

  groceries in the truck for the cabin, night gig at the history center -- might need to deliver the groceries and have a little deck supper and then come back to town for the night meeting -- I think I can, I think I should ... there is that I word again.

  me, me, me is the next word to ban .....

  along with weeds, weeds, weeds ..

hosta la vista ...




Sunday, May 21, 2017

weekend of projects (not)

so on the sewing project list -- the only thing I actually accomplished -- I cut out 15 sets of pillow cases -- one would think that after 15 sets of pillow cases -- the piles would be less ... guess again.
most of the bodies are white/cream/beige with pretty flanges and accent colors
and some are just too wild for words.
as soon as I locate my stash of kid prints = will cut out some wild ones.

a pile waiting to be cut and prepped.
So after I donned my long underwear yesterday -- the garage sale was much better.  It was COLD. 
Mom and I went on a road trip to Mankato -- my first trip to our local Fleet Farm (ya, I know) ... and the big Fleet Farm purchase --- a might mite vacuum cleaner for $59.95 ... love my might mites -- this will be #3 in the fleet --- don't ask, it is important to have multiple vac's
Then it was on to Sam's Club -- ya -- more punishment on a Sunday morning.
The Thrift Shop --- deposited two bags of goodness ....
finally -- drummm rolllll -- Joanne Fabrics -- haven't been there since Christmas (truly) ...and I had a gift card -- so .... 2 yards of fabric, 1 yard of fusible fleece, a lot of cheep yarn and an Ott lamp for out at the cabin -- then I came home and went to work for a couple of hours .... might as well, it was still RAINING ... eventually it was a gas station refuel stop and then home ...
My book awaits me .....
as does 15 sets of pillow cases ....

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Weekend Project List

oh the weather outside is frightful ... as in frightfully raining.
this I know at 6:05 am ... it is garage sale weekend -- not the best for the shoppers or sellers ...

Here's the list:

1.  100 MNPR's   just do it
2.  WGB
3.  Box of Issues
4.  Yr end DSS
5.  Payroll ACC
6.  Payroll STLLC
7.  Payroll HBG
8.  WMInc

Sewing Room
1.  Quilt 2 crib quilts on the HQ16
2.  Bind 2 quilts
3.  Finish the tissue packet covers
4.  Cut out a slew (ton) of dresses  attack that pile
           actually it was 15 sets of pillowcases

1.  Bond with the vac
2.  Bond with the dust rag
3.  Change sheets
4.  Laundry

1.  Vac/Clean Bedrooms
2.  Haul out the remaining patio furniture


Friday, May 19, 2017


yep, just got to admit it -- the world is a freeking crazy place.

It's Friday -- should be cleaning up and sorting the piles -- getting ready for next week -- oh no, I'm surrounding by weird shit.  Seriously weird shit.

It's cold, it's windy and I turned on the furnace. 

I picked up my "lunch to go" from next door -- I ordered kids chicken strips with tator tots and got mini corn dogs with tator tots ... yuk.  trudged that back and got a replacement

on a happier more pleasant note -- Jean and I were the kitchen Diva's at Corinne's retirement party yesterday and frankly, we rocked it!  the sandwiches were hot, the salad was cold -- and the 13 bundt cakes were carefully sliced and enjoyed by all -- ya, 13 different bundt cakes

1.  chocolate w/powdered sugar
2.  chocolate run w/ nuts
3.  poppy seed w/lemon
4.  orange w/choc chips and choch frosting
5.  gluten free
6.  raw apple spice
7.  fudge brownie
8.  pistachio w/ fresh strawberries
9.  choc w/choc frosting
10.  choc with some kind of candy bar
11.  choc w/choc chips and cream cheese frosting

and I can't remember the other two ...


Thursday, May 18, 2017

the wail (whail) eerie whail ...

of a tornado siren ....

  I had a R9 meeting in Mankato late yesterday -- the radio dude mentioned the "h" (hail) word on the inbound commute so -- I parked Ruby in a nearby ramp and as I was strolling over to the meeting the tornado sirens started to chime ....

  I made it in the building, up the elevator to the third floor and then followed the caravan of R9 employees and Commission members down the stairs (lots of stairs) to the basement where for 40 minutes we all played with our phones and devices ...

facebook friend Cindy E posted this shot --

   When the all clear was okay'd --- we (some of us) took the stairs back to the meeting room and some of us took the elevator -- for the next hour it was heavy rain and hail -- phones kept going off with flash flood warnings and other messages -- damn hard to get anything done in a meeting!

  I got home at 6:30 -- didn't need the windshield wipers the entire time -- weird fog, haze and clouds -- good to be home and I finally had a couple of quality hours at the Bernina!

  More time for sewing over the weekend!  The crafting divas have a garage sale on Saturday -- only crafting supplies at Becky's ... I have tissue holders to trim and stuff and dresses to cut out while I sit there and visit ...



Tuesday, May 16, 2017

life on the lake

some of us work on projects

and these strangers had a calm bay in which to kayak

pooping goose ...

the fall rains and flooding did a bit of damage to the grass I had thought it would have been worse .

missing a boat or two ... this week
sorry -- but it was a great weekend to be at the happy place, we cleaned a lot, sat around a bit, ate, worked on projects and just enjoyed the beautiful weather .. we also ferried elder #1 from place to place on a regular basis ... can't wait for the next weekend!
Although the forecast is cold and wet ... but there is always indoor projects....

Saturday, May 13, 2017

my shack!

photographer Jon posted this on wastebook last week ... my old house! 
I am blessed to own this money pit ...
truly -- its a great space to work in ....
(3rd building on the left  -- for you lurkers) ...

and here it comes

the big green machine ...
headlights and flashers
rolling, rolling, rolling
and dust ...
he whips that thing around like it is the lawn mower

after we delivered him to his pickup truck we stopped at our happy place to open the windows and let the joint air out overnight ...
we'll be back in the morning and plan on spending a good share of the day .... have a couple of projects for Mom and one of the Aunties ... let's hope they like to fold and stuff !

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Life as a County Commissioner (ya) ...

I started my day at Appliance recycling in Nicollet ...$50 and a truckload later there are less dead computer parts in this office  ---  this is what I saw on the way to Schmidt's Meat Market ... Farmall H with a wagon full of dead appliances ... freeking adorable.
Schmidt's Meat Market -- $73 of beer sticks ... we should have enough to last thru the 4th of July ... love those crazy things ..
And my afternoon was spent trekking thru the woods (like a mile -- one way) ... to view a damn dam.  A plugged dam on JD20SN ... ya ..
a wood tick infested mile walk .. so far I haven't found any .... so far
floating cattail bogs can't seem to get over the weir ... they're plugging it up

and another view ...

and they are plugging the entire channel ...


it was a beautiful day --
I did not spot a morel mushroom on the wooded trek ... I was looking ...
I left my truck parked on the side of a gravel road -- doors/windows open
keys on the dash, purse on the seat
ipad, laptop and other gizmos on the back seat
only in rural America --
yep, it's planting season !!!!