Monday, October 16, 2017

Bison (Buffalo) oh so cool.

I'm hungry and the green grass is along the road --
the bison at minneopa put on quite the show for us yesterday ...

up close they are smaller than I thought
oh so cool.

and a dash cam view --- via mom and my phone .. it was so cool.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

and the Day After Maker Fair

this is the sea of shoppers in the Annexstad building 1 hour into the Maker Fair -- it was a crowded, jumbled out of control free for all ... well, free for all might not fit - but wowzer it was jammed -- frankly I think the organizers needed to tweek a lot.

1.  The aisles need to be wider for shopper safety ... it was nuts.
2.  No strollers -- there just isn't room for them ... 
3.  2 days ... instead of one ... might spread out the sea of humanity.
4.  tighten up the merchants a bit better -- which would probably leave me out of it ... that's okay.
5.  food, need more food and spread it out.
6.  need a building captain in each building -- that stays in the building.
6.  more toilet paper please -- paper towel ... hmmmm

I saw this crochet sweater coat on a shopper -- believe me it looked a heck of a lot better in person ... I creeped (with the telephoto ) and took this shot ... it was cool.  yes, I'm a dweeb.

I got away from my booth in the beginning and bought these twin tin trees.
coolest thing ever.  expensive, but darn cool.
need more.

My truck is unpacked, tables and chairs are put away -- tubs of leftovers are at the office -- I'm going to be a vendor at the Scrap Shacks Fall Crafting Gig next Friday and Saturday .. storing in the back room of the office is less steps than the basement at home.

I'm not sure if I'll do this again.  I was a tad bit disappointed at my booth location (okay, I was pissed) the whole thing was a bit disorganized (okay a lot) .. but the shoppers were having fun and there was a whole lot of them ... time will tell.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Maker Fair

somewhere floating in cyber space is are pictures of my almost fully loaded F150 ... my wares are in the truck .. as are the tables, racks, props -- and other necessaries in life ..

then wandering the basement this morning I had the "what is in that tub on top of the piano" moment -- more finished goods!  two pillows ... damn I almost forgot them.

here we go!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

3rd Day of Old Age

  I knew this week was going to be brutal but WTH.   Extended income tax returns are due on Monday and a few of our clients seem to think they need more time ....  all about the daily drama of 3rd Street ... some of us just lead a disjointed/disorganized/don't give a shit life.  Not my drama.

  Meeting day in Mankato this afternoon -- Transit gig at Vine -- then a 90 minuted layover to the next gig in North Mankato -- what to do for 90 minutes ... hmmm

      zee options are endless but here is the short list:
              Walmart (I only go once a year)
               Barnes and Noble
               The Mall
               Joanne Fabrics

     the Mall just might be the winner -- depends upon the weather -- if it is nice and sunny I might drive down to Minneopa and check out the buffalo ... if it's cool, cloudy and windy I might go to the Mall and walk .... I brought my sneakers with me.

     I sat at the sewing machine last night -- finished a dress, attached the binding to a table runner and finished the back to a pillow and stuffed the pillow in the quilted case ... the zippy bags still need their linings whip stitched together ... if I get home before 8:00 tonight they may get finished and then I'm done!  Thursday night is dedicated to loading the truck .... and cleaning up the sewing space ... really cleaning up the sewing space. 

Monday, October 9, 2017


ya, always good to celebrate the 57 trips around the sun ... especially on a Monday and my dislike of Mondays is well known. 

it was a beautiful sunrise -- $73.00 of gas & a trip thru the car wash -- the truck was nice and clean -- until it started to freeking rain, again.   damn.   but the rain is over and we had a sunset ...

freeze/frost warnings for this evening.  no, we haven't picked our meager squash crop, it will be fine -- the cold temps change the sugar content and make them sweeter -- it is a good thing. 

I'm having a hard time giving up the cabin this year -- dang -- it truly is one of my favorite places -- it is hard to explain -- but it was good to disconnect from my other worlds for several hours (well sometimes more than several hours) a week .. decompress ... no phones, no TV, just the radio and a book or project. 

My Maker Fair wares are priced, pressed and packed -- there are a few other items on my sewing table but if they don't get finished -- that's okay -- the only thing I really need to finish is a table cloth for a 4' folding table ... I could use a quilt and call it done!  Jan will be my helper.  We'll have a blast.

So my birthday resolutions (New Years' Resolutions don't seem to work) -- who am I kidding these probably won't work either ... but ...

1.  Walk more (reoccurring theme to self)
2.  Sew more ... or quilt more?
3.  Less Facebook ...
4.  Less Social Media ...
5.  Travel more

Sunday, October 8, 2017

last day at the Happy Place for the Season (way too many pictures) sorry ...

I went out early  ---  with my iced coffee and newspaper -- all summer long -- I've went out early and had Sunday morning deck time ... I could make an entire album of Sunday morning deck time ... hmmm there's an idea 

and everything is clean up, put away, defrosted ... tossed out and/or hauled home -- I left the planter boxes -- they are still blooming ... landlord winterizing and shutting off the water tonight --- argh -- but we're in for 2018 -- 

2017 was a great summer -- can't wait for 2018

Friday, October 6, 2017

road tripping

  so Ruby and I had two road trips yesterday ....

  I had a noon speaking gig at Nicollet Schools -- Life as a Nicollet County Commissioner and how local government operates --

and this is what is in the parking lot -- I knew something was up -- it is Homecoming Week and it was "farmer" day ... lots of flannel/denim and straw hats -- and evidently, someone drove their tractor to school ...

the pressing questions from the kids -- Who is your favorite Commissioner?  Least favorite?  How much are you paid?  Why doesn't Commissioner Stenson return phone calls and email messages?   oh my ... hopefully I didn't ruffle any feathers answering 'em.

road trip #2 -- back to Nicollet to load up Jane stuff and haul it and her back to her new digs!  Ruby can hold more than I thought!

and I didn't make it to Schmidt's Meat Market on either trip -- WTH.  I need beer sticks!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

only on a Wednesday

prepping for winter -- Amazon delivers window kits and 2018 planners and I don't have to go to Menards and get irritated

the purge of the storage closed has begun -- the scanning, the shredding, the tossing --- need binders we'll have lots ... I'm trying not to think about how much money I have spent on binders, etc over the years ....

kick ass boots with 3 inch heels -- I have a speaking gig (as a Commissioner, not a CPA) tomorrow at Nicollet High School ... might attempt to impress the kidlets with a skirt and kick ass boots -- and then again, slipping, falling and crappie flopping might not leave the best impression ... we'll see how they feel in the am ... 

I bought these lovely boots on ebay for $40 -- ros hommerson's  ... $300 retail ... they fit my skinny foot and fat calves perfectly .... ignore the pile in the upper right corner -- it's a pile of clean clothes for the thrift shop!

Monday, October 2, 2017

well -- the missing has phoned home.

sometime in June, my faithful fitbit went missing -- it was a couple years old and stood the test of time -- seriously -- in the pool, in the garden at the cabin ... nary a blip ...

so after a couple of weeks I ordered a new one --- new one is identical to old one -- except the damn thing keeps losing its charge (after 36 hours) -- irritating.

so now I have two ...argh.

and below are my zippy pouches ... 8 of 'em ... more to come I found some interesting drapery fabric in the stash and heavyweight interfacing ... I think I've finally got the zipper installation mastered.  They are cute -- lookout 31 --- 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Maker Fair

just got my building assignment for the Maker Fair

the freeking horse barn -- that should smell just delightful

and yep, lost a little steam after opening up that mail.

so ... life rolls on.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

A day at the Lake

yes, the end of lake season is happening way to fast ..
although I've really made the most of August & September 
it's been gorgeous out there ...

our only motorized gizmo left is the waverunner ...

you can't see it in this pix -- but the neighbors swim raft is around the left bend
they brought it in today also 

and looking into the bay -- maples are turning quick

just a little texture for a Saturday

I've been pretty diligent about hauling stuff home for the last month -- the xtra clothes, food, crafty stuff, my favorite lawn chair (goes to the office) ... today was a full load
all I have left is a change of clothes and my old Bernina (and sewing supplies) 

and the cleaning -- need to scrub patio furniture -- stash/bag the cushions, clean the grill and disassemble it -- defrost the fridge/freezer (never fun) and a good vacuuming 

we started early this year (April!) ... it's been good!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Good Morning River Valley ...

from the office back steps
playing with my new(er) camera

this old house .. didn't realize how the light over the back door is so bright .. 'tis a good thing

so, I had acquired a rocker/ottoman from the previous renters and after looking at it for a year I decided I really didn't want to recover it .. so I put it on the sidewalk Wednesday noon with a "free" sign ... by Thursday morning the ottoman was gone and by 1:00pm the chair was gone! 

Some pictures simply need no words.
So stay tuned the Friday and Weekend project lists are about to be typed up and put into action -- enough with the lazy's and the "I'm not in the mood to work" moments .... 

Thursday, September 28, 2017


  Change is in the wind here on 3rd Street -- Tax Season Weekend Warrior Cindy -- began a new adventure this morning -- she's moving to Florida -- and I have to admit -- I wish she wasn't so adventurous -- 

  I'm selfish -- 3 years of being my weekend girl -- February thru April -- made my life better -- she kept me grounded and kept me going when I was tired, cranky and overwhelmed with the drama of income tax season.  She is my sounding board when I was frustrated -- never judged or critiqued just listened and gave advice when she though I would actually listen (ya, sometimes I would listen).  I'm really going to miss her.

  I admire her ability to drop it all and move to Florida -- I'm sure there is more to the story than a change of scenery -- but good for her -- she's living her dreams and going for new adventures --- 

 happy travels friend! 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

my crazy life

such is my crazy disorganized but trying to organize life ..
the Sunday spreadsheet for the week
what to do and when to do it 
what to wear -- what to drive
and good grief -- what to sew

I just gotta get a life ...

my sunday beach view - while typing said spreadsheet

and the Saturday trimmings ---
mug rug production -- lots of mug rugs from the scraps 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

this weeks progress

I tried the "glue the binding down" technique this week -- it's just faster to flip and sew -- but flip and sew slowly ... 

somewhere along the decades of fabric buying I bought these triangles (turnovers, I think they are called) finally zipped 'em together into a table runner -- not sure why I felt the need to purchase them (or anything else)

throw made from a layer cake chopped in half and solids ... purchased the backing at SR Harris (it's the wide stuff!)

the table runners and a couple of throws -- bound and ready to (a) wash and/or store

ok -- 8 years later I finally got blogger to place 2 pictures side by side ... wth.  Scrapbooking at the Jesus Church last night -- I sorted my scrap bin and cut 5" squares for more mug rugs and strips for table runners and a pile of flat folds to donate to a local church ... 

heat be damned -- I'm off to the cabin today -- I have books to read, mug rugs to sew and a deck chair calling my name ..

before i go .... there is a list (go figure)!

Friday, September 22, 2017

my summer wish

  my wish for more summer weather came true -- not sure if 3 days of 90'+ was what I truly had in mind -- but I won't complain it is warm ...

  now if I only had time for the beach .... tomorrow -- tomorrow ....

  we worked at Jane's this week, celebrated a birthday (with chocolate lava cakes) ... and I was on the road for the County --
      Monday - Nicollet
      Tuesday - Government Center
      Wednesday - Gaylord
      Thursday - Government Center
      Friday - New Ulm ....

            busted Ruby out of the garage for today's trek -- she needs the miles ... will take her to scrapbooking at the Jesus Church this evening also -- not sure what I am going to work on -- probably sorting scraps and cutting strips for some tu tu's -- who knows I should just stay home and sew.

            the eye is doing well -- i keep forgetting the goofy drops ... holy smokes I must be getting old (older) at least my hearing is working well.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

she sews, she sews

and the pictures are are her phone ...

sorry --- find 'em on facebook.

all of the saturday/sunday piecing/quilting have been bound except the two batik jelly roll runners -- and I also attached the binding to another crib quilt and two throws ... enough for tonight -- I started attaching binding Sunday night ... tonight was the roll over and sew it down.

another visit to the eye doc today -- the ulcer is making a reappearance (or so it seems) more drops -- longer period of time and a repeat visit next week ... story of my summer eh.

and thus it rolls on Daisy Lane so far this week.


Saturday, September 16, 2017

tired diva ...

24 hours of piecing, basting & quilting ... table runners & table toppers
awaiting the binding fairy.  I have one more basted and ready to quilt ...

Maker Fair is 29 days away ... I need to kick it up a bit ...

I was trying to be random on the placement --- grab and sew -- don't look
hmmm right in the middle ...

cross hatching on this one -- didn't think I'd ever finish ..
used the Bernina -- thought it would be faster than the long arm ...
I'm not so sure anymore.


and the freshly washed scrubbed house ... we had green stuff mold growing on the north side .. Menards sells crap to kill and clean ... spray it on -- scrub and rinse ... 3 1/2 sides of the house and garage are done --- I had a water supply issue on the southwest corner .....

I can think of better projects on a Saturday morning!

Friday, September 15, 2017

warning - picture heavy

 I've finally accepted the fact that fall is in the air .... although it was 92' and has been gloriously warm all week .... yesterday (well, this week) is the first week since the end of tax season when I truly felt "caught up" on the projects ... so after the 3rd phone call from a telemarketer -- I left the office and headed home (it was 3:30ish) ...

took a ride on the atv -- garbage and the prairie

this is one of the first times I missed the patch -- I miss picking and discovering the goodness, the time spent outdoor (and the sneezing, the wheezing and the hacking!) .. lookout cabin here I come!

if only still pictures had sound -- the grasses were blowing it was cool

I assumed with the smoke in the air (Montana fires) that sunset would be spectacular
it was -- better than the pictures
me and the new camera (new in May) have lots to learn yet

but I was prepared -- I was doused in bug spray 

ya, it is fall ....