Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hello 2017 ...

I think this is my favorite picture of 2016 -- I didn't take as many pictures ... which might be a good thing --

I was a NYE party pooper -- I had planned to sew most of the evening -- and I did -- but I spent it ripping out part of a quilt.  The tension was wacked on the long arm, so 1/2 a quilt got ripped out -- re-loaded/re-rolled back onto the long arm and re-stitched.  I also brought a couple of office projects home -- sometimes working at a different desk brings new perspective ... sometimes.

So most of the projects got finished -- the Downton Abbey marathon was on PBS -- kept me busy.  I slept late this morning (7:30!) .. it was light out ... egads.  seriously. 

Eventually I made it to the office -- lots of fun projects -- like cleaning, more trash, more furniture moving, more organizing.  I lead a paper shuffle life. 

And tomorrow it begins again.

Girls Gone Crafting begins in 5 days -- I need to start packing my projects ... details to follow ....

the panther in the back yard ... he thinks he's tough.

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