Tuesday, January 17, 2017


ice is evil.

freeking evil.

I bailed for home just before 5:00 last night (with homework) ...

Hit the brakes to turn on our township road -- started sliding ... oops #1.

Slowly negotiated a roundhouse corner onto the mini hill at our mailbox ... fishtailed and slid into the opposite bank -- dang near didn't make it.

Got straightened out and took a run at the big hill -- in 4WD ...

Started skidding 3/4 of the way up and bounced off the outside bank ... but made it up ...

Slid past the driveway apron at the house -- had to back up (on glare ice) ... oops #2

after 2 attempts -- made it into the garage stall -- mirrors still attached.

and elder #1 says to me --- "it wasn't that bad 15 minutes ago when I came home"  ... really dude  ---  somehow I find that hard to believe.

The inbound this morning was totally uneventful.  Thankfully. 
On with the day/week/life.

Stay smart - stay safe.



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