Wednesday, January 4, 2017

let the games begin

and term #3 began yesterday .... more like term 2.5  (the first one was a 2 year short gig due to re-districting)  Mr. Kemp, Mr. Luepke and I were sworn in by Judge Westphal yesterday.   Judge W was a bit late ... but the job got done and we moved on to the business of the day.

Jean took this one ... with two new commissioners it's going to be a different -- I thought it was a rough start and in thinking that -- the need to educate, improve and serve needs to be re-enforced.
So it rolls ...
then I went to the dentist in the afternoon -- unfortunately --- I'll be returning for more fillings and a crown -- she didn't buy the "I'm already a Princess I don't need another crown" statement -- I tried --
this morning I was the stupid Diva -- pumped gas at -8 ... hanging out at the gas pump at -8 with a stiff north wind -- windchill at -20 -- will put the starch in your undies ...
Stay warm and stay safe will be the motto for the rest of the week.

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