Sunday, January 15, 2017

purge ...

the need to purge and do with less has become quite pronounced here on 3rd Street ... the crew will be proud of me ... 4 boxes left my "cave" in the last 48 hours ... and it is beginning to look like 4 boxes left .. 

damn -- I got a mess in this building ... the 3 things a day rule needs to be enforced ... strictly enforced.  good grief -- the crap -- it piles up ... and we really haven't hit the "busy" season yet. 

left to do --

__  get the label maker out and label the unlabeled binders
__  vac the floor
__ re-org the rolling cart
__ order another rolling cart

and the regular W2 and 1099 printing, client stuff .. ya, the stuff that makes generates a living.

'tis good to be me.


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