Monday, February 27, 2017

a moment

just a moment on a Monday morning ...

one of the flock has already called in sick ....

I'm day 1.5 into what I think is a sinus infection ....

but the blizzard of the century missed us (thank you Mother Nature)
I managed to work 103.5 hours last week and I don't think I irked anyone.
(or if I did -- it wasn't intentional)

got interviewed for the newspaper on Saturday -- argh.



Wednesday, February 22, 2017

wtf ...

sorry -- I will stop the swearing by letters in March.

2:15 am -- thunder and lightening.  WTF.   February 22.....

So according to past elders (generations) ... the first frost will occur on 6 months from the first Thunderstorm.  

August 22nd.  

Well, gee, that could be bad.

other gems to live by :

Always plant the garden on Friday and Saturday of the full moon in May -- start the transplants on Good Friday ...

Rains on Easter Sunday it will rain for seven Sundays!


Monday, February 20, 2017

New Week, New Attitude, New Leaf

yep, new week - new attitude .... or so I thought.

Started prepping for the Daylight Savings Shift in March so up and outta bed by 4:45(am) ... I went to bed early too ...

Got to the gas station for milk, ice and a carwash -- didn't have enough moola for all 3 -- purse and credit card were at the office ... I scrounged the truck for $10 .... and then ..... drum rolllllll

the car wash went wacky --
the flashing message board ...

drive in slowly
reverse back slowly

drive in slowly
reverse back slowly

drive in slowly
and this Diva got irked and reversed out rather quickly the 3rd time ... all the way back to the parking lot ...

epic fail.

refund from the clerk ..

truck is still filthy -- will pull it out of the garage when the rain arrives.

it's Monday I should have known better.


Friday, February 17, 2017

life amid the critters

this is a large critter -- noshing in the cat food pan
note the live trap to right of his tail

now the bugger is attempting to get the peanut butter laced marshmallow out of the trap .. without tripping the trap ... sneaky critter ...
we've moved the trap -- and now we're licking the cat pan clean
beautiful day/night/evening in the Valley
62' today .. just bizarre weather for the middle of February
Spring Fever is an issue on 3rd street
as is -- well, Robyn went down with the sniffles
Kevin arrived to work after loading the pigs for market
Cameron got the pukes at school and Kevin had to leave
Meagan left early for dinner/theater ...
Needless to say -- I worked -- as did Jackie when she arrived.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

I don't have many pictures on my office computer -- so here's a Valentine Pix! 
This dude was on a mission -- I'm sure it had hosta's and green apples on the menu ..
Happy Valentine's Day ...
Enjoy the moments

Sunday, February 12, 2017


disjointedness -- not sure if it's a word or not, well, it's my word tonight.

verb -- the art of jumping from project to project and not completing or finishing a single task. 

actually it's probably the story of life eh?  and how does one cure disjointedness.  well -- that my friends is the issue.  I think it's probably a multi-step solution.

1.  Shake cobwebs from the brain -- i.e.  turn off the thinking for an hour. take a walk, get some fresh air --

2.  Cut back on the caffeine -- that junk clouds the thought process (who am I kidding -- )

3.  Don't answer the phone after (or before hours) -- getting weird.

4.  Park truck in garage and close doors -- hide -- don't talk to strangers

5.  Eat normal/regular meals ..  I can't remember the last time I actually ate and enjoyed the meal .... there was an Erb/Gerb delivery -- but I spread it over 24 hours.  Supper on Daisy Lane was a greasy pork roast -- a fat pig may not qualify as a tasty pig.  yuck. 

6.  Find some music and rock on.

7.  Don't look out the window at the sunshine and warmer weather ... it's going to snow again -- hopefully not soon.   If the forecast for the week holds -- I might have to pull Ruby out of storage for a drive ... she can stay at the office for a few weeks.

So this week my goal is to work on the disjointedness.  

Less crabbing
Less caffeine
Less TV
More fresh air
More music

Rock on ....



Saturday, February 11, 2017

hello bed

I attempted a frappe with the Ninja ... not bad for the first attempt

this is life

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wicked Wednesday

always wicked on Wednesday - especially here on 3rd.

Some nut job left me a message at 5:23 am.  wtf.  really, not sure if that was necessary. 

I fell asleep before the Super Bowl was over and was just informed yesterday who was the winner -- frankly it didn't seem all that important in the grand scheme of life.

We adjusting to our new schedules and bodies around here ... it's a delicate balancing act of personalities and talents

Robyn starts me out in the mornings....and slides out before lunch...
Meg slides in a couple hours later ...and leaves when Jackie slides in ...

Kevin comes when he can   (love that kid) ...  never dull at his house with the 3 littles.

Jackie comes after her other full time job and slides out at 8:00pm ish....

Cindy is the weekend girl ....

me, I'm just here all the time.
wondering why the freeking phone is ringing at 5:23 am....


Sunday, February 5, 2017

9:02 - Superbowl Sunday

ya, I'm still out of bed.  Haven't been up this late for 3 weeks.  Fading fast.

Illness update -- elders still hacking.  #2 still has no voice. 

Called about groceries on my trek home from the office this afternoon.  The only request was Lipton Ice Tea with Lemon.  By the 2nd store I found some.  I should have went to the grocery store -- but here's the deal.  I don't go to grocery stores at 3:30pm on Superbowl Sunday.  Trust me -- it wouldn't be a pleasant experience.  Gotta love Dollar General.  Oh boy, do they have crap in that place. 

3 loads of laundry before 7:15 this morning.  Keeping up with that -- 3 bags of trash -- and .... ta dahhh -- the cleaning lady made it to the office.  She was locked out Friday night but returned on Saturday ... more trash. 

okay enough rambling, time for bed. 


Saturday, February 4, 2017


Cindy's at her "real" job today
Meg is at Nutter's gig today
Jackie has the pukes/poops
Kevin's kids have the crud
No Robyn today

Just me -- it is truly lonely at the top

elders -- ah, the elders -- no voice on #2 ... still coughing / hacking / dripping .... they can't wait to get out ... cabin fever is bad on Daisy Lane

Friday, February 3, 2017


yes, I think that every Friday -- but especially Friday's in February, March & April ... and especially cold, sunny, windy Friday's.  I haven't warmed up all week. 

I had chix rice soup for lunch -- it should have warmed me up.  I've avoided hot coffee this week -- and thus avoided the acid reflux action. 

Elders are on the mend or at least headed to mending.  Doctor appointment -- fluids, bed rest, cough syrup and fever relievers are important.  I do believe cabin fever has arrived -- and too much togetherness.

Back to work - no rest for the evil.