Sunday, February 5, 2017

9:02 - Superbowl Sunday

ya, I'm still out of bed.  Haven't been up this late for 3 weeks.  Fading fast.

Illness update -- elders still hacking.  #2 still has no voice. 

Called about groceries on my trek home from the office this afternoon.  The only request was Lipton Ice Tea with Lemon.  By the 2nd store I found some.  I should have went to the grocery store -- but here's the deal.  I don't go to grocery stores at 3:30pm on Superbowl Sunday.  Trust me -- it wouldn't be a pleasant experience.  Gotta love Dollar General.  Oh boy, do they have crap in that place. 

3 loads of laundry before 7:15 this morning.  Keeping up with that -- 3 bags of trash -- and .... ta dahhh -- the cleaning lady made it to the office.  She was locked out Friday night but returned on Saturday ... more trash. 

okay enough rambling, time for bed. 


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