Sunday, February 12, 2017


disjointedness -- not sure if it's a word or not, well, it's my word tonight.

verb -- the art of jumping from project to project and not completing or finishing a single task. 

actually it's probably the story of life eh?  and how does one cure disjointedness.  well -- that my friends is the issue.  I think it's probably a multi-step solution.

1.  Shake cobwebs from the brain -- i.e.  turn off the thinking for an hour. take a walk, get some fresh air --

2.  Cut back on the caffeine -- that junk clouds the thought process (who am I kidding -- )

3.  Don't answer the phone after (or before hours) -- getting weird.

4.  Park truck in garage and close doors -- hide -- don't talk to strangers

5.  Eat normal/regular meals ..  I can't remember the last time I actually ate and enjoyed the meal .... there was an Erb/Gerb delivery -- but I spread it over 24 hours.  Supper on Daisy Lane was a greasy pork roast -- a fat pig may not qualify as a tasty pig.  yuck. 

6.  Find some music and rock on.

7.  Don't look out the window at the sunshine and warmer weather ... it's going to snow again -- hopefully not soon.   If the forecast for the week holds -- I might have to pull Ruby out of storage for a drive ... she can stay at the office for a few weeks.

So this week my goal is to work on the disjointedness.  

Less crabbing
Less caffeine
Less TV
More fresh air
More music

Rock on ....



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