Friday, March 31, 2017

March jottings

3/2/17  Vision

3/6/17   Monday again -- silence is odd.  Ruby came to town yesterday -- hanging out in the garage ... might need to go for a drive sometime today ... I'm sure she misses me.  I missed her. 

03/7/17  Silence is had when I have so much to blurb.   I'm crabby, the world knows it .. Jackie suggested I go home early -- so I came home with a tote bag of work -- it was a great idea -- different space = better perspective. 


03/14/17 Still tired and still cranky -- too much disorganized chaos for a Monday -- I always seem to whine about the chaos and never seem to do anything about it  -- that needs to change.  Change is hard but needed.

03/17/17 The Parade was it's usual entertainment for the end of winter -- always a good time for the kids and adults.  Cold and really windy.

03/20/17 28 days people -- 28 days

03/21/17  So, so hard to be silent when I have so much to share!

03/25/17 and, yes, it is okay to say NO!

the fluid that gets me thru the day ... or at least starts my day .... I've been so good this winter -- one a week from McD's ... a rare treat

TV has been pretty awful lately -- binge watched Netflix over the weekend -- The Ranch (?) kind of strange and entertaining all wrapped together ...  -- yes piles on the chair, piles on the desk and plastic is still on the windows....
3/28/17 ahhhh the beauty of Spring  -- the warm sunshine is good for my bones, the chirping birds and well, it just smells like Spring.

3/29/17  19 years -- the day our world spun -- gives us time to reflect on our blessings.  stuff can be replaced people/family cannot.

3/30/17   A dead f150 in the parking lot.  Had the oil changed yesterday -- went to go home and it runs like shit.

3/31/17  the last day of radio silence ... 466.5 hours in March ... freeking busy.  Truck got fixed -- not sure what was up -- they came and got it and returned it back .. Dad took it home today ... it's RUBY season ....



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