Monday, April 24, 2017

Deep Valley Quilters Part 1

farmers wife blocks ...

strips! I really like the narrow piping between the strips and the border ...

quilt above and detail below ..
good way to use up large scale prints
lots of ideas

this was made from a couple of jelly rolls
the teal background color didn't come thru well on my phone 

and this beauty -- I think my favorite ( or in the top two)
really really cool
Mom, Jean and I had took a trip to the Deep Valley Quilters Show in Mankato, had lunch, drove thru the Ford dealership lot, and got to Shopko -- we filled the Durango with new patio furniture for the cabin -- so we delivered it to the cabin --- and THE WATER IS ON -- it's ready for us!!!!!
So this weekend I can go out and put the patio furniture together -- "some assembly required!" 
and well, my "assembly" skills are legendary (not) ...

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