Friday, April 28, 2017

hence the stupidness

I'm sure the Thursday stupidness came from the white crap that fell from the sky.

ya, Ruby's in the garage and Bessie has to sit outside.  I had tossed a rug over the windshield -- didn't work - bad idea

okey dokey:

Enough with the whining -- here is the list for the weekend:

  1. office projects .. too numerous to type but needless to say there will be an 8 hours stretch to get them done. 
  2. haul gas and charge the weed whip battery ...
  3. vacuum the sewing room and downstairs bath  .. it's been way to long.
  4. make a list of sewing projects and a plan of attack
  5. take a run out to the cabin and attempt the "some assembly" required furniture
  6. laundry
  7. mkto shopping run  make list be efficient
enough to keep me occupied for the weekend.
'tis always good to be me.


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