Friday, April 21, 2017

my crazy life

   I am an introvert (truly!) ... but this week

   I (we) finished up tax season
   did a ton of payroll for clients (and a few Q's)
   celebrated the parents 58th wedding anniversary
   visited an old friend in the hospital ... so glad I went and did that
   celebrated a family friends 66th birthday
   did the client thing
   had County commitments

   and so far worked every night!
   and tonight!

       on of the Scrapbooking Diva's scored TWINS tickets ...
       8th row -- lower level -- directly behind the Twins dugout
       are we lucky or what!

       the clothes and purse are packed and ready to roll!


ps.  after a County gig tomorrow I'm climbing into a cave and not talking to anyone or anything until Monday morning ... laundry, sewing, cleaning at home, mowing the lawn, lake time.....


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