Monday, May 8, 2017

ah, the Happy Place


finally -- some lake time at the happy place -- I headed out Saturday morning with an agenda and a truck load of stuff -- cleaning, stuff, supply stuff .... and went to work -- or attempted --

the water & water heater weren't on .... once that happened the cleaning began -- food cupboards, bathroom, fridge, counters, tables, side table, end tables ... me and the pine sol .. a bit of vacuum cleaner time too!

I also put together the "some assembly required" furniture -- lounged on the newly stained deck (thank you landlords) and enjoyed the new furniture and my book!  came home and

Kept on cleaning -- the basement and the vacuum -- always entertaining -- it get's even better

Mom and I went back to the lake on Sunday (with a pizza) ... napped in the sun (pink legs) ... enjoyed the quietness and the noisy birds --- and then I proceeded to purge my closet.  I am ADDICTED to clothes.  There the first step to recovery is admitting there is an issue. 

so the tally for the last 3 days is ---

4 bags of trash
3 bags of thrift shop ....

20,000 steps on the fitbit.

who knew that one could get 3,000 steps cleaning a freeking closet -- truly -- I never left the room --- all I did was try on clothes, sort clothes and bag up clothes .... what the hell.....


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