Friday, May 5, 2017

A night on the wild side

William Kent Krueger spoke at the TSHC as part of the St Peter Reads -- so I met him and his wife out on the trail -- I took a pre-event stroll and then I had him sign my iPad --

Finally --- as in FINALLY got the tension set accurately/properly/ok on the long arm and did a little stitching last night ... 2 hours to set tension -- 30 minutes to quilt -- humpf!

The mighty Minnesota River on my stroll -- I made it down to the crossing -- dang it's gorgeous down there ... no bugs yet ..

and the path well traveled ... I also stepped out of my comfort zone and trekked to Target yesterday -- it's been 18 months ... ya, a bit -- me, the old people walking the aisles and the young moms with screaming toddlers ... I then wandered over to Hobby Lobby ... that too was a necessary evil ....
Happy Weekend -- I'm headed to the Happy Place!

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