Friday, May 19, 2017


yep, just got to admit it -- the world is a freeking crazy place.

It's Friday -- should be cleaning up and sorting the piles -- getting ready for next week -- oh no, I'm surrounding by weird shit.  Seriously weird shit.

It's cold, it's windy and I turned on the furnace. 

I picked up my "lunch to go" from next door -- I ordered kids chicken strips with tator tots and got mini corn dogs with tator tots ... yuk.  trudged that back and got a replacement

on a happier more pleasant note -- Jean and I were the kitchen Diva's at Corinne's retirement party yesterday and frankly, we rocked it!  the sandwiches were hot, the salad was cold -- and the 13 bundt cakes were carefully sliced and enjoyed by all -- ya, 13 different bundt cakes

1.  chocolate w/powdered sugar
2.  chocolate run w/ nuts
3.  poppy seed w/lemon
4.  orange w/choc chips and choch frosting
5.  gluten free
6.  raw apple spice
7.  fudge brownie
8.  pistachio w/ fresh strawberries
9.  choc w/choc frosting
10.  choc with some kind of candy bar
11.  choc w/choc chips and cream cheese frosting

and I can't remember the other two ...


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