Friday, May 26, 2017

dang ....

I'm not in the mood .... to

__x__ work
__x__ sew
__x__ cook (or clean)
__x__ argh

  on the plus side .. the sun is shining and the morning is gorgeous (as I sit here in shorts and a fleece sweatshirt) ...

today's project list:

1.  Mow office grass (again)
2.  Pull weeds for 30 minutes
3.  Garbage out ..
4.  100 mnprs
5.  project WR
6.  project WGB
7.  project BEH
8.  project DSS

that's a lot of projects eh. 
I decided sometime yesterday (well, last night) I'm just pooped. 

Yesterday was Brown Nicollet CHB conference call, Elected Women Luncheon and well a whole lot of "not a lot of accomplishing anything" in between -- rain was forecasted and happening so I came back to work after supper.

a weekend away will be a good thing.
packing up the homework.



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