Wednesday, May 10, 2017

good grief

I am truly not in the mood to work --
Motivation is gone --

Tired, cranky, meeting'd out --
the "I don't give a shit" meter is high

the only thing I accomplished in the last 24 hours -- mow 1/2 the office lawn and purchase 4 hanging baskets --- easier than planting ... just plop the basket in a big tub and keep it watered ... it is a lavender and white theme on 3rd street this season.

that being said -- there are projects and things to do, people to pay, taxes to pay, returns to file .... it appears that it will be raining soon -- so motivation to be indoors might be better ...

this however is a bad disease -- it's been around a while and needs to leave .... soon ....

so here's my list for the rest of my week:

1.  WGB - problem child A
2.   BEH - problem child B
3.   JM payroll
4.   R payroll, BEH payroll, SRC payroll
5.   one box of issues
6.   remove table from my office ...
7.   100 mnpr's

   it'll keep me busy.....

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