Thursday, May 11, 2017

Life as a County Commissioner (ya) ...

I started my day at Appliance recycling in Nicollet ...$50 and a truckload later there are less dead computer parts in this office  ---  this is what I saw on the way to Schmidt's Meat Market ... Farmall H with a wagon full of dead appliances ... freeking adorable.
Schmidt's Meat Market -- $73 of beer sticks ... we should have enough to last thru the 4th of July ... love those crazy things ..
And my afternoon was spent trekking thru the woods (like a mile -- one way) ... to view a damn dam.  A plugged dam on JD20SN ... ya ..
a wood tick infested mile walk .. so far I haven't found any .... so far
floating cattail bogs can't seem to get over the weir ... they're plugging it up

and another view ...

and they are plugging the entire channel ...


it was a beautiful day --
I did not spot a morel mushroom on the wooded trek ... I was looking ...
I left my truck parked on the side of a gravel road -- doors/windows open
keys on the dash, purse on the seat
ipad, laptop and other gizmos on the back seat
only in rural America --
yep, it's planting season !!!! 

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