Monday, May 22, 2017

monday chaos

  wow, the Monday chaos is raining a steady stream of wackiness.  the lack of sunshine for 6 days must have created this mess.  I'm continually amazed at the clients who walk in off the street and ask complicated/in depth questions and wonder why I can't spit out an answer in 30 seconds or less .. truly .... it doesn't happen that way ... at least not anymore. 

  the sun is out and I got my office my grass got mowed.  4 of the 8 payrolls are done, the final sales tax is done, I had lunch, I wacked out on someone.  I, I, I   need to loose the word I in my vocabulary.

  groceries in the truck for the cabin, night gig at the history center -- might need to deliver the groceries and have a little deck supper and then come back to town for the night meeting -- I think I can, I think I should ... there is that I word again.

  me, me, me is the next word to ban .....

  along with weeds, weeds, weeds ..

hosta la vista ...




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