Sunday, May 21, 2017

weekend of projects (not)

so on the sewing project list -- the only thing I actually accomplished -- I cut out 15 sets of pillow cases -- one would think that after 15 sets of pillow cases -- the piles would be less ... guess again.
most of the bodies are white/cream/beige with pretty flanges and accent colors
and some are just too wild for words.
as soon as I locate my stash of kid prints = will cut out some wild ones.

a pile waiting to be cut and prepped.
So after I donned my long underwear yesterday -- the garage sale was much better.  It was COLD. 
Mom and I went on a road trip to Mankato -- my first trip to our local Fleet Farm (ya, I know) ... and the big Fleet Farm purchase --- a might mite vacuum cleaner for $59.95 ... love my might mites -- this will be #3 in the fleet --- don't ask, it is important to have multiple vac's
Then it was on to Sam's Club -- ya -- more punishment on a Sunday morning.
The Thrift Shop --- deposited two bags of goodness ....
finally -- drummm rolllll -- Joanne Fabrics -- haven't been there since Christmas (truly) ...and I had a gift card -- so .... 2 yards of fabric, 1 yard of fusible fleece, a lot of cheep yarn and an Ott lamp for out at the cabin -- then I came home and went to work for a couple of hours .... might as well, it was still RAINING ... eventually it was a gas station refuel stop and then home ...
My book awaits me .....
as does 15 sets of pillow cases ....

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