Thursday, June 8, 2017

easy living? wtf

So, Wednedsay I had a continuing education webinar -- I parked my tush at my desk for 8 1/2 hours and watched the screen -- it was split -- the manual, the speaker and a q/a box .... argh.  I did manage to clean out all my desk drawers while sitting there!  

I crochet a spell and actually almost finished a scarf ... I crochet anywhere, even the life seminars

and today, the day of easy living -- I wore a dress (2nd time this week) and forgot my sandals at home -- so it was the lawn mowing Nikes ... it could have been worse.
So I worked Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night it was a spot of fun with the scrapbooking divas and I just got home from the office -- the weekend forecast is ugly hot and humid.  Will be working then too...might as well -- it's the only way to keep cool.

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