Saturday, June 10, 2017

huh ...

  ya, easy living at 94' with a heat index of 101' ... and wind, freeking wind.

  easy living June -- working on Saturday -- it's the coolest place to be .... the plan was to work and watch pbs tv all day -- and frack -- it is pledge week so my favorite viewing has been displaced.  dang.

  easy living June - I attacked the home office, purged, moved the furniture, lots of cleaning the computer / modem / technology actually worked when I hooked it all back together (wow) ... I filled the back of Mom's wheels with trash, recycling and thrift shop. 

  I moved on to the bookcases in the bed room -- a good start but a pile of trash came from there also .. I'm on a purge roll.  

  There was a couple of loads of laundry in there also ...

   Left to do -- a lot of final vacuuming, final dusting -- need a small bookcase for a printer stand -- hello amazon, one more small closet purge --

   Eventually (this evening) the sewing machine(s) and I will finish up the pillowcase production run #1 ... 10 sets.  A quilt will get loaded and quilted (I'm totally out of crib quilts) and I might attempt my book.

stay cool
stay safe.


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