Wednesday, June 28, 2017

hump day ....

there generally isn't many days of nothing in my crazy life ... today was no exception

left the office at

7:45 for Mankato and my Ethics Seminar ....
      Dr David Schultz from Hamline University was the speaker/presenter
      excellent -- one of the best I've attended

4:00 Best Buy -- new cover for my iPad and a new digital camera -- the old one is having issues
4:15 Joanne Fabrics --- buttons and yarn
4:40 KK the hair cut wiz -- popped in to schedule my appointment and the wiz cut my hair
5:15 Tandem Bagels -- picked up a bagel for supper (ate in the car)
6:00 R9 Meeting
8:15 on the road for home

and so it rolls ...


ps.  I did manage to quilt two more whole cloth crib quilts last night .... orange is my new favorite thread color ... and got the fringe on a scarf.

pps.  No, I have not purchased a truck yet, but I really like the one I test drove --


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