Thursday, June 1, 2017

june ....

two reactions ...

thankfully it's June and OMG it's June already!

So my June is going to be loaded with little or nothing -- easy living is going to be my theme for June -- after all it is the month of endless sun --- (love it) ... so the goals for the month ...

1.  70,000 steps a week --- better than that daily quota ...
2.  morphing the CSA program/data to the VPN
3.  beefing up the internet/cell plan
4.  getting the continuing education wrapped up
5.  spending as much time as possible at the cabin
6.  getting the pillow cases and 10 crib quilts finished (they are pieced just need
                    to be quilted and bound
7.  get that truck traded off .... one way or another ....

easy summer living eh!

Happy June


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