Tuesday, June 6, 2017


ah June, the month of easy living.

nope, not yet.

worked until 9:00pm last night.   it was okay I had things to finish.  me, Netflix and the computer

today is meetings in Mkto and tomorrow is seminar (at my computer) ... so it rolls on 3rd street

friend and old co-worker Dot passed away last week ... 88, a full and busy life -- my best Dot story -- I asked her how to spell fertilizer one day (this was in the 1980's ... we still typed on a typewriter --- well before spell check and autocorrect ) and she answered me rather dryly -- S H I T .... oh Dot, you will be missed --

or the day we went to lunch as Schoops Saloon -- both of us had the tuna melt and both of us were sick -- rather quickly, 35 years later and neither of us eats (ate, will eat) tuna ..

or the day my CPA exam results were due and the Mary Chapin Carpenter song "I feel lucky" was on the radio --- she told me -- "it is your day honey!" ... and she was right -- it was my day and a good one at that ....

I had the privilege of visiting with her a month ago while she was toward the end of a lengthy hospital stay -- it was a great chat --

Happy Tuesday

Easy living -- just keep up the chant ... easy living .... easy living ...

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