Thursday, June 22, 2017

rainy days and

  always make me tired.

  I left the girls at stitch and bitch last night and took Ruby across the field road home.  My newly detailed clean shiny Ruby -- took a 1.5 mile cruise on a minimum maintenance road.   Across the prairie, down the hill and around the corner -- ya, nuts.

  I was tired and not in the mood to drive around.  It works. 

  I was struggling to stay focused yesterday -- so I dragged a "no long in use" piece of trash file cabinet --  out of the file room to the parking lot .... it's free if anyone needs one.  I cut a truckload of weeds out of some of the flower beds -- there is at least another truckload to go.  And I did all of this in a skirt and sandals -- argh.  But at least if felt like I was accomplishing something.

  Something.  Better than nada.



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