Wednesday, June 14, 2017

so ...

so, remember this shot (still a favorite)
well all the work of planting, hoeing, weeding, dusting, chasing critters, picking, praying for no frost, selling, hustling, praying for frost has been replaced with
this -- the peaceful easy feeling of the lake ... I thought I blogged about my "farming" retirement earlier but 'tis true. (oh, I did -- but it wasn't very clear) I knew I was done last October and even after 15 seed catalogs arrived, I was still done.  Dad asked me one day -- where's the patch, Kevin planted everything.  "there is no patch" ..  I think he was the most disappointed but not so much
truly I've enjoyed spring so far -- ya, I did miss the plotting, ordering and the planting -- but well, all good things must come to an end and I knew it was time -- it wasn't fun any more -- it was work ... and well, work needs to be fun too ...

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